Kavanaugh and your voice

Let's start with the facts: President Donald Trump nominated a man named Brett Kavanaugh to be a new Supreme Court Justice on July 10th, 2018. The date of the final vote to confirm or deny his position will be this Friday, September 28th, 2018. Let's unpack who this man is and why this is a problem for us.

Brett Kavanaugh graduated from Yale University and has been working in politics and law since his graduation. He notably assisted Ken Starr in his series of investigations leading up to the impeachment of Bill Clinton. He was then appointed to the Court of Appeals for the District of Colombia Circuit by Former President George W. Bush. He is now in the running to fill Anthony Kennedy's vacancy in the Supreme Court.

Kavanaugh, preceding recent events, was what some may consider a smart conservative choice for the position. He follows most conservative platforms and has in the past been decent at maintaining a low profile and doing his job. He was off my political radar until his nomination in July.

Following his nomination, some very interesting revelations have surfaced. Most of which have caught my attention for all the wrong reasons. (Fair warning, this is where my bias really shines through)

Brett Kavanaugh has some opinions which I do not personally agree with. For example, he is pro-life and I am pro-choice. But, I understand that someone with such a conservative bias will have different views than someone like me. I do need to point out that he did not exactly say that birth control is an abortion-inducing drug. This was taken mildly out of context while he was responding to a question about a Catholic group called Priests for Life. Whether or not this is something he agrees with has not been made clear. BUT that quote was not what it seemed to be.

The thing that seriously caught my eye were the allegations. Let's unpack them:

The first woman to come forward was a woman by the name of Christine Blasey Ford. Ford bravely stepped up on September 16th and told her story about her encounter with Kavanaugh. Without getting into the details, she stated that she was sexually assaulted by Kavanaugh at a house party in 1982. At the time, he would have been 17 and she would have been 15. She alleged that Mark Judge was present at the time of the assault.

The second woman who came forward was Deborah Ramirez. Ramirez alleged that at a house party, Kavanaugh exposed himself and forced her to touch him. She added to it stating that someone started yelling about the incident to people at the party.

The third and most recent woman to come forward was Julie Swetnick. Swetnick stated under penalty of perjury that in 1982 she was gang-raped at a party with both Kavanaugh and Judge present. She says that Kavanaugh and Judge were constantly at parties together. They would join in "trains" of boys who would wait to rape young girls who were drunk or drugged at these parties.

The testimony is scheduled for Thursday and the vote is scheduled for Friday at 9:30 am. With the little information the public has and will obtain in the amount of time given for us to react, it has never been so important to stay alert, stay informed, and make your voice heard. A man who has been accused by three women of rape and sexual assault and he is in a position to become a very powerful person without a term limit. Make your choice and use your voice.

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