Kanye West Could Finally Be Revealing His True Colors

Kanye West Could Finally Be Revealing His True Colors

The problem is, we as a society may not be able to understand that maybe this is the Kanye West that is truly himself.

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So, I know everybody has seen bits and pieces of Kanye West interviews.

Well, let's talk about this people.

Mr. West, Kanye West... Hmmmm.

Let me admit that Kanye West, like most people, is expressing free speech. I have to look at this with an outside perspective. I first want to start off by saying that I feel like what Kanye West is doing, is him expressing what brainwashed is.

The reason I say this is because he is saying everything that will make people turn against him. I feel like he has been brainwashed into believing that he's being his true self and maybe this is who he truly is. The problem is, we as a society may not be able to understand that maybe this is the Kanye West that is truly himself. Let's take his homeboy Trump for example. Trump was enjoyed by the media and people looked up to him but when he got into office, a lot of things started to come to light and we started to see the things we have never seen. We all started to say that's the real Trump we're seeing.

Has anyone ever thought that maybe the Kanye that we are seeing is actually who he truly wanted to be?

I feel like, yes, the things that Kanye West has said were very offensive to people of African descent have gone through or are going through. To be specific, Kanye West said something along the lines of 400 years of slavery was by choice. This was said in a TMZ interview. Now let's step out of the outside looking in approach and just state how I feel.

I feel like when it comes to Kanye West, a statement like that was a slap in the face to many people. I feel like in a way it was not a logically coherent statement. The reason I say this is because to think about it, if you say slavery is a choice, then that would mean that them getting on the boats to get here was a choice. That means that them getting sold off was a choice that they had. Therefore, you could never say that slavery was a choice because our ancestors didn't fully have a choice, there were times in which our ancestors had a little bit of choice to try to get out of the circumstances that they were in. However, our ancestors were enslaved in all aspects of life. So you can't compare yourself and how you would react to how our ancestors reacted. I say this because we are in two different positions in life. We have a lot more things to get us out of circumstances and we have more control over our lives than our ancestors did.

So I feel like just like everything in life, you have to get a lesson out of everything and everything has a downside to it but there is always something to learn from it.

I just want to say I accept Kanye West for the over the top, chaotic things that he may say because it reminds me that no one will think the same as you. But they may have things that you agree with or understand or feel is a part of a particular moment in your life. So don't always go for judging a person first. You have to be able to understand the people you disagree with because it allows you to love them as a fellow human being.

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