'Jesus Is King' Is An Amazing 180 For Kanye West And His Faith
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'Jesus Is King' Is An Amazing 180 For Kanye West And His Faith

Is it the real deal? Can we believe him? Is it even possible?

'Jesus Is King' Is An Amazing 180 For Kanye West And His Faith

While this has been a hot topic for the past couple days, I have wanted to keep my mouth shut for a while. I hate just posting my opinion because everyone else does.

But I feel led to say this:

I, personally, feel like this is one of the most encouraging things to happen in a long time.
A man has completely changed. 180.
Kanye West used to refer to himself as God, or Yeezus.
Now he is proclaiming that Christ is King.

This latest album he has released, 'Jesus is King', is amazing. Not just as music (although it is a masterful combination of southern gospel and African American soul, jazz, and even African roots), but as biblical songs. From listening to the whole album one time, and a few songs even more than that, it sounds very biblical - and it is encouraging.

No hate spewing here, but I'm pretty sure it mentions more verses from the Bible than Hillsong or For King and Country have in their music. And I'm not mentioning this to jab at other Christian artists or bands. Personally, I love Hillsong and their worship music, and For King and Country has a song out right now ('Burn the Ships') that has really spoken to me in the season of life that I find myself currently in. I just mention Kanye's inclusion of actual scripture to prove yet again how powerful and authentic his music is.

However, there have been a lot of us (myself included) who have our doubts and reservations.

Can Kanye really be sold out to this? Is this just for popularity or money? What about all his old music and his old lifestyle? Has he really changed?

It is not my job to question whether his salvation and change are "real" or "genuine." I have seen and heard so many people (mostly Christians) saying stuff like"
"I hope he's the real deal."
"I guess time will tell..."
"Yeah, right. Nice try."

If this is a popularity stunt or not the real deal, then time will tell, and I will keep on praying for him.
But I don't believe it is, nor do I think he will change.
People do not normally and completely change their life around for anything other than the gospel.
Sure, he will no doubt mess up. He won't be perfect. And there will be so many people that will be watching him now.

But what we should be doing is standing up and cheering him on. Not as someone who is better than us (because we all have sinned and fallen short), but as someone who has taken a stand that is drawing a LOT of heat.
He's going to take criticism and hate from the culture.
He's going to take criticism and hate from the music industry.
He's going to take criticism and hate from his own family.

But he needs encouragement from us. He needs encouragement from the Body that he is now a part of.

I'm very ignorant to his theology and conversion. I don't know much about his beliefs or his path to salvation. I would love for someone to enlighten me.

I just can't help but smile while listening to his song "God Is." This is a man, who I believe, has found the joy of God.
I pray Kanye, and other cultural influencers, continue to turn from their own ways and follow God. And I humbly ask that you join me in doing so. Revival in the country is so close.

"Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life. He does not come into judgment, but has passed from death to life." John 5:24
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