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    do guys even blog?

    I'm Christian Carey. Duh duh duh. I'm married to my best friend, Danielle, and we are still working out the kinks of marriage, parenthood, working in church, and still learning to set out meat in the morning so it's thawed by dinner time and we don't starve. I have one son, Graham, and he's the best. He also eats a lot like his dad. I'm very proud.

    I'm also the youth pastor at the Gathering Church. I love working with youth, partly because I'm still really immature and realizing how much God can do through them. Me and my wife also know that some time in the future we will head overseas as international missionaries, so we are anxiously awaiting. I also run my own media company (Video and Pictures) so hit me up for more than just amazing reading.

    I hope what you read here either makes a difference in your incredibly stressful life, or it helps you burn a few more minutes of battery off your phone.

    Be Blessed, Christian

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