Pooja, what is this behavior?

Whether you're a South Asian who knows everything there is to know about the culture, or an ABCD — you have definitely watched "Kabhie Khushi Kabhi Gham" at some point in your life. You may remember that glow-up that Rohan had when Laddoo somehow transformed into Hrithik Roshan, or you may still be dreaming that your necklace will get caught on a cute (read: rich) boy's dupatta at your friend's wedding.

Either way, I am here to tell you that the best character in that movie (arguably the film industry) is Poo. Pooja, now Poo to fit better in her English lifestyle, was clearly characterized to be the Bollywood version of Hollywood's "dumb blonde." While that trope was successful when we were younger, it backfired spectacularly when we began to see her as inspiration for our own personalities. Here's five reasons why I aspire to be just like her.

1. She's a self-confident QUEEN.


"PHAT-Pretty Hot and Tempting!"

Unfortunately, Bollywood culture has always portrayed overweight people as unlovable or in a comedic role. Therefore, when we saw this dialogue, there was a strong assumption that there would be more fat-shaming involved, but were pleasantly surprised when Poo turned this into a very positive self-confident line.

2. She knows EXACTLY what she wants.

"Good looks, good looks, and...good looks"

She's not afraid to go out and get exactly what she wants, and while it may have seemed devious or emptyheaded to us when we watched this movie for the first time, this is a constant mood now. We are also just looking for "good looks, good looks, and...good looks".

3. This CURVE.

"Hey, movie tonight?"

I don't think any of us have still truly comprehended how smart of a dialogue this was, and just once, I would like the opportunity to curve someone like this. Also, personal side note, but Robbie was really not that attractive.

4. Her self-confidence (part 2).

"then it's NOT my problem"

I would have been okay if this entire movie had just been Poo serving these one-liners for the whole 3 hours, because I aspire to have the constant confidence and poise that she has the entire time, even when her whole family tries to shame her for her decisions.

5. This special mention. 

She's RICH. Well, technically her brother-in-law is rich, but she definitely is not letting any of that money go to waste. I wish I didn't have to buy things on sale either, Poo.

Most of us didn't have an internally strong female character to look up to in Bollywood movies when we were little, but Poo was a very refreshing change. The directors and producers of K3G definitely intended for her to be a comedic side character that everyone laughed at, but they probably did not expect us to begin seeing her as a feminist inspiration once we started to grow up and became more conscious of ourselves and the world around us.

She taught us to be proud of the decisions that we make and not let anyone bring us down, and constantly inspires me to be my most bad ass self.

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