Just Spreading Some Gratitude
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Just Spreading Some Gratitude

Thank those who help you along the way

Just Spreading Some Gratitude
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As my first year of college has come to an end, I have realized how much I have grown as a student and an adult. I cannot credit that all to one situation or one person so I am taking this moment to thank some people that have greatly impacted me and I know will continue.

First, God

Without God and my faith I do not know where I would be. My faith is what drives me to be a better person; it keeps me up when I am strong and what comforts me when I am weak. God has placed amazing people, opportunities, adventures and memories in front of me this year but has also presented challenges and test that I have faced and learned from. Through this opportunity to go to college surrounded by new people in a new environment I have grown more deeply in my faith and more in love with God than I ever have been.

My Family

To my parents thank you so much because without your endless support, care packages, the amount of miles you both have put on your cars to bring me back and forth I might not have survived. I am extremely grateful that you both trust me enough to be two and a half hours away from home and to make the right decisions. You both raised me to work hard and to always stay humble which I will forever follow. I know it was hard for you guys and I can only imagine the feeling of not being close to your child but I cannot express my appreciation enough for you both. To my siblings thank you for picking up my slack at home, I missed our arguments and laughs while I was gone and appreciated the short texts and calls here and there. I love you all and a “thank you” is not enough for all your support and dedication to my future but I will not let you guys down and will make you all proud.

My Roommate

I wrote a previous article expressing my “thanks” to you but I can't express enough the amount of love that I have gained for you throughout living together our freshman year of college. We have made unforgettable memories, laughed, cried, and even occasionally got on each other's nerves. Thank you for always being honest with me no matter the outcome and to always encouraging me to be the best I can be. We have seen each other at our lows and our highs. Yes, we knew each other four years prior but I realized this year I really got the chance to get to know you and you are such an amazing, driven and intelligent human being that I have the pleasure of calling my family and sister in Christ. It is you and I until the end and my god we are going to make something of ourselves and nothing will stop us. We keep each other humble and have watched each other slowly evolve into adults. We came in together so we will leave together, I could not ask for anything more rewarding than that. I can't wait to see where we continue to go throughout college and the memories we will make again next school year.

My best friend back at home

I know the distance was hard on both of us, because are normal of seeing each other every day and our adventurous moments had to be out on pause. Trust me I missed our late night beach talks and dances but remembering these memories with you is what kept me grounded throughout the school year and kept me going because I knew very soon I would be right back at it again with you. I am thankful for your growing support this year, advice and late night face time dates we planned. I want you to know every single one of my close friends I made at college knew whom you were and the impact you have on my life. I am blessed to be able to spend the next 4 months of summer with you, the beach and our cameras.

My friends I made at college

Thank you for all the countless and unforgettable memories we have shared this year. You all are my family away from home. Whether you know it or not you have made an impact on my life and I am extremely grateful for that, I cannot wait to see where the next 3 years takes us all. Have a good summer and I will see you all in the fall in the start of another exciting year.

My professors

This year I was blessed with amazing professors (knock on wood) so I wanted to spread a little, much needed gratitude to them. Thank you for all the challenges you have put in front of me, you made nothing easy and in the end after sleepless nights, gray hairs and several breakdowns it was rewarding because I feel like nothing was given to me and I truly worked hard for my end results. Also thank you for providing interesting classes that make waking up at 8am not so bad.

The Career and Professional Development center

This year I was given the opportunity to work in this wonderful center with some talented people; I want to thank them for providing me with tons of opportunities and resources to help evolve myself into a successful student and adult in the working world. I am beyond excited to go back and expand on what I have learned and learn new things in next semesters. My hope is that more and more students realize how helpful this center is and the opportunities it provides to students, I may be biased but getting to know the staff myself you will not be dissatisfied.

This year, being my first year has been one of the most rigorous and exciting years of my life. I have learned an abundant of things, and have met a bunch of amazing people. Some people may be unaware of how much they have impacted you, and it’s important that you say “thank you”.

"Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone"

-G.B. Stern

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