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Stop Judging My Love Life Because It Isn't Identical To Yours

You may not like it, but it's not your relationship.

Stop Judging My Love Life Because It Isn't Identical To Yours

Everyone has this preconceived idea of what the "perfect" relationship is supposed to look like or how it is supposed to play out. Yet, as I have gotten older and more people that I am surrounded by start to link up with their significant other, I realize that so many people are more judgmental than they put off. Sure, people are going to be happy for you, no matter your relationship status, but because of that happiness, people also believe that they should get a say in your relationship. This is not true. Here are some very common romantic situations that I have noticed seem to rub people the wrong way.

1. Age difference.

Savannah and Cole Labrant


Especially in the situation where the woman is older than the man, the age difference is a controversial trait in relationships. For some reason, people believe that men ALWAYS have to be older than their woman, which is not true. This doesn't have to mean that the woman is a "cougar." If both partners are on the same page regarding their relationship, why make such a big deal if one is older than the other?

As an example, social media influencers, Cole and Savannah Labrant, have a bit of an age difference. Savannah, 25, and Cole, 22, have been married since 2017. The couple received a lot of questions regarding the 3 year age difference and the fact that Savannah had a 3-year-old daughter when they started dating. However, Cole was much more mature for his age and was ready to be a father and a husband to Savannah, making the age difference insignificant.

2. Height difference.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban


As a short girl, I have never had to worry about this. However, over the years, I had a lot of friends that were taller than their boyfriends, especially during the awkward, puberty stage. I understand if it is a personal preference to date someone taller than you, but if there is a couple with a height difference, let them be.

Like this example, actress Nicole Kidman is naturally 5'11. With her ex-husband, Tom Cruise, and current husband, Keith Urban, Nicole is a few inches taller, but with heels, she can end up towering over them. Even though she may be taller, she and Keith are ridiculously adorable and their relationship is definitely at the same level.

3. Interracial relationships.

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner


Interracial relationships are definitely more common than in the past. However, some people seem to have to have a problem with it, even though skin color doesn't make a person any less worthy. A friend of mine is majorly interested in African American men, but she is from a small hick town in Washington, where interracial relationships are not accepted.

"When I tell people I like black guys, everyone gets weirded out and confused because I'm white and that is not common in my town," my friend says. All in all, the color of one's skin does not concern who they love. Some great interracial couples today would be Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, and finally, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott.

4. Online dating.


Tinder, Bumble, Instagram DM's... it's the new wave of dating and it's super trendy. But, it's also super looked down upon. Whether people are meeting to hook up or for long-term relationships, if online dating is mentioned, people are automatically judgmental about it. Honestly, for this current era of young adults, it is hard to meet people in person.

Most people would love to walk down the street and bump into a handsome stranger and fall in love, but it is not always that simple. So many people meet their significant others through social media and the result is fantastic. Even comparing platonic relationships, so many people meet their roommates or friends online. Even possible employers look you up on the Internet before they decide to "swipe left or right" on you for the position. Just because two people weren't introduced in person, doesn't mean that their relationship will be unsuccessful.

5. Getting married really young.

Alex Centomo and Dan Jensen


Because of social media like Instagram, Pinterest, etc. more and more young couples have even popped up on everyone's feeds and the topic of young marriage seems almost like a trend right now. However, so many couples hate all the assumptions of young marriage. "You're ruining your life," or "How do you know they are the one?" or "You have so much life to live, why tie yourself down?" All these statements are so inconsiderate and more times than not, completely wrong. If young adults can decide to go to college, drink, smoke, go to war, etc. why is it so hard to believe that they may want to make a commitment to their partner?

6. Waiting too long to get married.

Gerard Piqué and Shakira


The complete opposite of the previous scenario would be a couple that has been together for an incredibly long time but has decided to wait to get married. Or even not wanting to get married at all. They believe that the rush isn't necessary or that they don't need a piece of paper to decide whether or not they love each other.

Some people believe that they are wasting time or stuck in their relationship, but for some relationships, marriage is just not in the picture for them. Leave them alone, okay? A wedding is not coming very soon. Accept that.

7. Too much PDA.

Kim Kardashian-West and Kanye West


So many people complain about couples "not looking in love," yet when couples show their affection too much, they also get hated on. Whether it is a full-on make-out session, cuddling, to even the simplest peck, public displays of affection really seem to bother people. The biggest explanation of this has to be that people are uncomfortable with displays of love or romance because they aren't experiencing it. Whether they are single or in a relationship, PDA isn't happening in their lives so they hate on the people it is happening to. Which is just really sad, honestly. Let people be happy and kiss every once and a while, geez.

8. Couples who aren't married,  but act like they are.

Alex Terranova and Sierra Furtado


Moving in together, having a pet together, being together as a married couple... but wait... they aren't? Some couples begin dating and automatically start acting like they have been married for 10 years. For them, that works. Similar to the "Waiting too long to get married" scenario, everything is going well in their relationship, so why rush into things? However, some people are very bitter about the topic of moving in together before marriage. This could be because of religious or moral reasons, but at this point, you must know what I am going to say... It is none of your business and if they are happy, let them be.

9. Being proud of your singleness.


Last, but certainly not least, being content with your singleness. Some people truly are happy without a romantic love in their life. To love yourself and spend time with yourself is sometimes a better type of love. Yet, people just don't want to let them be. With questions about marriage, children, how their "clock is ticking," and the idea of being alone. However, some people just really can not wrap their mind around the possibility that being single is okay. Not everything in life has to revolve around romance.

If you learned anything from this article, it's that your relationship is absolutely NO ONE'S business. Whether you choose to share parts of it or not, overall, their opinions do not matter. Your relationship is in your hands and the ultimate goal is that you and your partner are content with your choices. Everyone else has no say. Remember that.

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