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The Man With A Beautiful Mind

Jon Bellion

Recently, I've been feeling rather uninspired to write. I've been busy working and seeing friends from high school. But, it's been a challenge to find inspiration to write. Now that I'm thinking about it, I experience many things on the daily that many people who even know me are unaware of. Music is a large part of my life and it inspires me to go after my dreams, to live life as emotionally and real as possible and to never give up. I love and am influenced by numerous artists and bands and their music and legacies help me to be as inspired as possible in everything that I do.

Today, I want to talk a little bit about a rather unfamiliar artist who hits close to home with me in more than just his music. He is definitely an up and coming artist and you've probably heard his first single on the radio. It's called 'All Time Low' and can be identified by the extremely unique sound it has compared to most songs on today's radio as well as by it's 'lowlowlow' repetition. There is no way you can resist its catchy beat and extremely relatable lyrics. The artist, Jon Bellion, completed the song from start to finish in just one half of a day. The rest of the day he spent hanging out with his friends who double as his band, crew, and 'Beautiful Mind' family. What most people didn't realize was that he had just created his first ever hit single that would later (as in today) go PLATINUM.

This man may seem somewhat impressive at this point. I can attest to the fact that he is just as humble and modest about his work as his work is pure gold. He has been trained in music since age 4, and he didn't learn from trained professionals like most of today's hit stars. Jon wanted to do music, and so, he taught himself. Jon went to high school, in a Long Island suburb, like every other average kid of today. He had a passion for basketball just as he had a passion for music. Shall we dare call him a cooler Troy Bolton? That doesn't even cover half his talent, however. Jon was gifted at basketball and he was offered scholarships by colleges to go and play basketball for them. However, he declined and he went on to attend a music school, where his parents supported every move and choice he made. Jon discovered quickly that school just wasn't for him and all he wanted to do was make beats and produce music.

After meeting several other extremely talented friends at school, they promised each other that if one of them were to blow up or their work was to become widely liked, they would drop what they were doing to go and play for each other. And years later, that's exactly what they did. We call it 'Beautiful Mind'. Jon's talent was quickly discovered and he was signed to Capitol Records. But, most people didn't realize he was signed because his first four albums/projects were produced by him and the Beautiful Mind Fam and they were released FREE to the public. Jon didn't release his first projects on iTunes, in fact he waited until his fifth and most recent album, entitled 'The Human Condition', to release through iTunes to the public. With the release of his fifth album came the larger recognition and worldwide radio play of his first single 'All Time Low'.

Jon kicked off his album release and followed up quickly with a national tour. Every stop on the tour sold out, and right before the tour concluded in the end of July, he announced 'The Human Condition Tour Pt II', which would kick off in mid October. For both tours, Jon had two sold out New York shows, as a huge chunk of his following are locals and proud hometown supporters (like me).

Jon has created hundreds and hundreds of songs and beats and not just for his own career. For awhile, before his own personal musical success really took off, he focused on writing and producing other songs. He even flew to France to attend a music type boot camp. Some of his songs have found themselves into the hands of some pretty significant names. Jon wrote the hook for the song entitled, 'Monster' by Eminem and Rihanna. Jon also wrote the song 'Trumpets', which was made famous by no one other than Jason Derulo. Another song that you could attribute some part of to Jon is the song entitled 'Beautiful Now' by Zedd. Yes, he is indeed the voice behind that song. Zedd loved his vocals so much that he asked Jon to do the project with him, and that song went on to receive major attention and radio play worldwide.

The accomplishments that Jon Bellion has under his belt at the very young age of 26 absolutely blows my mind. As can be heard in his opening track of 'The Human Condition' entitled 'He Is the Same' he is still living in his dad's house, his parents make him take the trash out, and nothing has changed; he is the same. With accomplishments piling up, Jon is doing his absolute darnedest to stay humble, modest, grounded and to not let his success and increasing fame change who he is or how he lives his life.

I had the honor to talk to Jon backstage in November before one of his last shows on the second half of his national sold out tour. We talked about some of his Long Island favorites, the best opportunity the release of his latest album has provided for him, his favorite Netflix shows, how his tour schedule worked and what would be his ideal Pixar film and project. Throughout the entire interview, Jon answered with truth, modesty and integrity. My dream is to be an interviewer and/or journalist for a record label, magazine or radio station; Jon made me feel as though my questions were of extreme value and he gave me his full attention throughout the experience. My first interview of any kind took place in my favorite city, with my favorite singer who's success has been incredible. I will always remember and value this moment in my life with incredible gratitude and thanks.

Jon Bellion and a good majority of Beautiful Mind can now be found opening for Twenty-One Pilots on their Emotional Roadshow of 2017. Then, in March and April, Jon will be heading overseas to perform his 'The Human Condition Tour' to those patient and excited fans. After that tour concludes, Jon says he wants to return home and focus a lot on producing much more and working with many other big name artists. As Jon produces for himself as well as others, he says he wants to focus a lot more on helping produce the best songs and projects alongside all other artists that are wanting to work for him.

At the end of the day, this extremely talented and driven man is a local and I am proud of everything he has accomplished and I am excited for what is yet to come. Please do yourself a favor and listen to this incredibly talented man. His music speaks of happiness, faith and love among other things and it spreads a very important message to all those who listen. If you want to support a homegrown, humble, caring and inspiring man with an equally stellar group of friends, please go ahead and listen to what his Beautiful Soul has to offer.

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