1. People are SOO EXCITED for you to join!
  2. You’ll get 200 FB friend requests.
  3. That person side-eyeing you as you get 200 FB friend requests will think you’re super popular.
  4. Random people from your sorority will say “hi” to you.
  5. You’ll also see people from rush who you vaguely remember,
  6. And question if you should say “hi” or not.
  7. You’ll go on dates with your gals all the time,
  8. Especially for brunch, because everyone knows that brunch is the new black.
  9. You can also count on them to make sure your outfits are 👌 and 🔥.
  10. You won’t have to worry about walking into a room and not knowing anyone; chances are that one of the 200 girls in your sorority will be there.
  11. You’ll meet 6 Catherines, 3 Sarahs, 3 Natalies, 2 Claras, and a whole bunch of Hannahs.
  12. And you won’t be able to remember who’s who,
  13. But it’s okay, people will forget your name, too.
  14. You’ll get to do your first real sorority squat,
  15. And don your letters,
  16. And spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to figure out a really simple hand sign.
  17. You’ll get a whole new group of friends to watch “The Bachelor” with,
  18. And perhaps even join a Bachelor fantasy league with them too.
  19. You’ll get fancayy with your Insta captions,
  20. And have to download the Greek alphabet keyboard in the process.
  21. You'll also have a TON of new followers,
  22. Who can also like your photos. #winwin
  23. They'll take your weekends to a whole new level.
  24. You'll get a ton of new “sorority swag.”
  25. You'll do philanthropy,
  26. And what makes it better is that it's with a ton of girls who you love and who support you too.
  27. You’ll say “sratty” a few too many times.
  28. You’ll take tons of photo booth pictures with your “sisters,”
  29. Reveling in the fact that you can now call each of the 199 other girls your “sister.”
  30. With tons more from across the country too. #networking
  31. Because you’re joining a community of awesome, delightful, empowering, and overall amazing women,
  32. And you’ll learn how lucky you are to be a part of it.