This past Friday, November 11th, John Mayer officially made his way back into the music scene. His single, "Love On The Weekend," is the first song to be released as a tease to his upcoming album The Search For Everything.

Having not put out an album since Paradise Valley in August of 2013, fans have been awaiting Mayer to put out new music for more than three years now. The expectations were high and as a fan I can say that they were met.

Mayer had been teasing the album for quite some time on his social media announcing to his Twitter followers, "Pop music I'm comin' back..." in late October. It wasn't until November 10th that he officially announced the date his new music would be available.

"Love On The Weekend" takes from the artist's more original pop roots while still maintaining his signature singer-songwriter sound. While similar to his previous music he managed to infuse more pop into this single without having it turn into your average mainstream pop hit. While simple, the song is undeniably catchy.

During his Facebook Live release of the song, Mayer explained that this single is only a taste of the album and that it is supposed to have a variety of different sounds and styles mixed in. He also said to expect a tour come spring.

Welcome back, Mayer.