Thank God We Didn’t Have To Wait For The Jo Bros Reunion

Saying that 6 years ago my 13-year-old self was upset when the Jonas Brothers broke up is an understatement. I was devastated. So when I heard the news of a possible reunion, I obviously did what any other original fan of the band would do; freaked out and started listening to their old albums!

For me, the JoBros were my first ever boy band obsession. I can remember my cousin and I forcing my mom to listen to nothing but the "A Little Bit Longer" album in the car whenever we hung out.

After forcing my poor mother to listen to "Burnin' Up" about 500 times, my cousin and I were surprised with concert tickets. I lost my voice that night screaming their songs while wearing a Shane Gray, "Camp Rock" T-shirt. This was also the tour that Demi Lovato opened for the band, so you can say it was an iconic childhood moment for me.

Since the breakup, I've jammed out to Joe's new band, DNCE, laughed at Nick's acting in "Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle," and yes, I even watched Kevin's reality show, "Married to Jonas". Sadly, It just isn't the same. I still have their songs in throwback playlists to remind me of the band's prime.

I was scrolling through my Instagram when I first discovered the news. What I saw was a video of Nick Jonas singing the popular song, "Burnin' Up," with the caption "Y'all the Jonas Brothers are reuniting as a boy band". I had to do some research for myself and found an article from US Weekly telling me all the details.

Rumor has it that the band will reunite under a possible new name, JONAS. Though I will always refer to them as the Jonas Brothers, I'm loving the possible name change.

Nick Jonas Instagram "A Little Bit Longer" album coverNick Jonas' Instagram

The group making more music has apparently been a topic of discussion since January of 2018 when the band's old Instagram page became active again. Since then though, the brothers have denied any speculation of the band reforming for another tour.

Nick Jonas hasn't been helping dampen down the rumors after apparently liking tweets by fans who are reacting to the news. So is there a possible tour happening soon?

All I can say is I'm going to "Hold On" to hope and try not to get "Paranoid" over the possibility of being able to see these three perform in concert again.

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