When I sent in my first slew of job applications, my stomach churned and the reality of job searching hit me

“I can’t believe I am about to graduate college.” I thought, “Time to adult.”

Five months later it was August. I was a recent unemployed college graduate, still filling out applications. By the time I filled out what felt to be my billionth application, I felt impatient, worried, and sick of the whole thing.

Don’t get me wrong, I wanted a job badly and was hoping for one at a great place. Even though I got the job I wanted, getting to that point was worrisome.

Rejection after rejection, or in some cases, the places who were interested in me had some interesting duties to say the least. I was nervous as to whether I would find a job by the time fall would arrive.

Yet, as frustrating as the whole process was, job search journey humbled me.

I was reminded that just because I have a degree, doesn’t mean I am any more special than anyone else. When you graduate college, you’re thrown into the adult world where you have to earn what you want, and we are all fighting for the same thing. Sometimes we do know people who can give us a connection and we land our first job that way. Generally, however, nothing in this world is handed down to us.

We have to work hard for what we want. All of my grandparents worked hard full-time to earn their living and my mother did as well.

That’s just the way it is.

I know that I am pretty lucky for getting a job just four months after graduation. In fact, I was excited when I got the call, offering me the job. I got the one I wanted, which can be rare for many. Some people take over a year, maybe even more and it stinks. Yet, it’s important to understand that we are just one person out of a whole crowd, fighting for the same position, while searching for financial security. Many of the positions I applied for, I did not get because there were people more experienced than I am, even for a position where little experience is required.

But, as competitive as the adult world is, you cannot give up.

This process also taught me so much about perseverance. When I was tired of filling out applications, my mom reminded me that I had to keep applying, because that’s the only way to even get an interview.

What is meant to be WILL find its way, I can promise you that. I lost count of how many applications I submitted, but I know that finding a job is nothing compared to the struggles I may face when I actually begin my job.

My position will challenge me. There will be things I will need to learn and I’m sure I will make mistakes. But that’s life and as you can do is try your best .

Right now, as you’re reading this, I am being trained and it’s my first day of work. I am probably very nervous, wondering if I will be the employee they hoped I would be. I am probably meeting staff members for the very first time, learning everything about the company and my position.

But I know I can do it. Just like those who raised me, I will work hard and earn what I need in life. One of the most important things I was taught is that nothing is handed down on a silver platter and it shouldn’t be.

If you want it, you earn it.