20 Jim And Pam Moments To Make You Melt With Cuteness
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20 Jim And Pam Moments To Make You Melt With Cuteness

Everybody loves a good PB&J moment.

Abby Bischoff

"The Office" fans understand the highs and lows, joy and heartbreak of Jim and Pam's relationship over the course of nine years. In order to avoid some of the pain of the relationship (though I think that's a major part of what makes Jam so beautiful), check out the list of cute moments and their corresponding episodes:

1. Pranking Dwight when Jim makes an alliance with him.

Episode: "The Alliance," Season 1, Episode 4.

Dwight gets nervous about the downsizing rumors and asks Jim to form an alliance. Jim agrees in order to prank him, and he and Pam team up. In the end, it backfires for Jim when Roy comes in as they're laughing and holding hands and yells at Jim. Nevertheless, this prank in "The Alliance" perfectly showcases the playful nature of Jam's relationship.

2. Pam's mother's visit.

Episode: "Sexual Harassment," Season 2, Episode 2.

Jim had been looking forward to Pam's mother coming to visit for the entire episode. Unfortunately, his moment of meeting her at the front desk is ruined by the appearance of Roy, and Jim scampers back to his desk. But after Roy leaves, Pam's mom whispers and asks "Which one's Jim?" prompting the absolute cutest smirk from Jim probably ever seen.

3. Jim confessing his feelings for Pam to Michael.

Episode: "Booze Cruise," Season 2, Episode 11.

After Pam and Roy finalize a date for their wedding, Jim breaks up with Katy, his girlfriend at the time, and sulks on the top deck. He runs into Michael and confesses how cute and funny and warm he thinks Pam is, and Michael gives him the courage he needs to never give up on his love for her.

4. Jim confessing his feelings to Pam herself, finally.

Episode: "Casino Night," Season 2, Episode 22.

Unable to keep his feelings to himself, Jim finally confesses to Pam that he's in love with her. She shuts him down, but ten minutes later he overhears her talking to her mom about him, and they kiss twice. Still, Pam brushes him off and he transfers to Stamford. But the whole love confession is one of the most beautiful, heartbreaking moments.

5. Pam crying over Jim when she realizes how much she cares for him.

Episode: "Back From Vacation," Season 3, Episode 12.

All of season 3, they're pining after each other and missing one another while at two separate Dunder Mifflin branches. When Stamford and Scranton finally merge, Pam discovers Jim is dating his co-worker, Karen. After Karen finds out about his "old" feelings for Pam, it causes relational breakdown, leaving Pam to give Jim advice and eventually sob in the hallway as she realizes she's pushing the man she loves into the arms of another woman.

6. Pam's public confession of missing Jim's friendship.

Episode: "Beach Games," Season 3, Episode 23.

After being the only one to do the coal walk, Pam is filled with newfound confidence and speaks her mind to the gang. After expressing how much it sucked that no one came to her art show, she turns to Jim and confesses how much she misses having fun with him. They eventually talk things out and hug while she's cooling off her feet, and they seem to be in a better space than they have been all season.

7. Jim finally asking her out.

Episode: "The Job," Season 3, Episode 24.

Now friends, Pam slips an encouraging note on a silver medal yogurt lid from when they played the office Olympics a year prior into his file, and Jim finds it while interviewing for a corporate position. When he sees it, he promptly pulls himself from the pool of potential hires, breaks up with Karen, and drives back to Scranton to ask Pam out. And then she smiles, near tears, and straight forgets the question she was asked by the doc crew. Three years of will-they-won't-they tension leading up to a beautiful moment.

8. The confession to the doc crew that they're dating.

Episode: "Fun Run," Season 4, Episode 1.

Confronted with video evidence of them meeting up after work and kissing, Pam stops denying it and confesses to the doc crew that she and Jim have been dating for the past few months. They share a sweet smile and talk about how great they're doing and it's stupid cute, honestly just kill me.

9. Jim revealing that he bought an engagement ring a week after they started dating.

Episode: "Chair Model," Season 4, Episode 14.

Pam jokes about moving out of her place, and Jim jokes back that she could just move in with him. She breaks and seriously tells him that she won't move in with someone unless they're engaged, and Jim, completely serious but using a teasing tone, tells her to prepare herself for a proposal. In his talking-head interview, he reveals that he bought her a ring a week after they started dating, and viewers everywhere collectively swooned.


Episode: "Weight Loss," Season 5, Episode 1.

Unable to wait any longer, Jim proposes to Pam in front of a gas station. Whatever romantic proposal he had planned for their lunch completely forgotten when he finally saw the woman he's in love with.

11. When they leave the same voicemail.

Episode: "Baby Shower," Season 5, Episode 3.

With Pam away in New York, the two have to manage a long-distance relationship. It puts a strain on them in this episode as they feel completely out of sync, every phone call a bust. At the end of the episode, we see how in sync they truly are and always will be as they both call each other and leave a voicemail, basically having the same conversation:

Jim: [on voicemail] Hey, it's Jim. Leave a message.
Pam: Hi.
Pam: [on voicemail, because she's calling Jim at the same time] Hi, this is Pam. Leave a message.
Jim: [walking to his car] Hey, it's me. It is 5:03.
Pam: I figured I'd catch you walking to your car, but…
Jim: You must be out or something.
Pam: I'll leave a message.
Jim: Is it me, or are we just a little off today?
Pam: I guess this is just one of those days. It'll get better.
Jim: Hope you didn't have any major laundry issues.
Pam: I finished my laundry. Got all my socks. Nothing like that time that crazy guy pushed you.
Jim: Remember that time that I helped you do your laundry and that crazy guy came in and started yelling at you?
Pam: And then, remember, we went shopping the next day to buy me a washer and dryer?
Jim: Yet here you are, back in a Laundromat. Now, I'm just trying to help you, Beesly. Be safe.
Pam: You're probably upset that I'm even at a Laundromat right now. But, don't worry, I'm being safe. And I'm headed home. I'm… headed to my dorm. Not home.
Jim: Wish you were home. Uh, anyway…
Pam: Anyway, um… I miss you.
Jim: I miss you.

12. Pam coming back to Scranton in the wrong way for Jim.

Episode: "Business Trip," Season 5, Episode 8.

She failed one of her art classes and is supposed to stay in New York an extra three months to retake it, and while Jim is supportive of her pursuing her dreams and staying, she misses him too much and comes back for him (even though she insists it's definitely not because of him) (it is).

13. Pam affirming that she and Jim are soulmates.

Episode: "Stress Relief," Season 5, Episodes 14 and 15.

Pam's dad decides to divorce her mom after a conversation with Jim. While this initially worries Pam about Jim and their future, all fears are dispelled when she finds out what Jim said to her dad to prompt such a decision: "He said that you told him how much you love me, how you feel when I walk in a room. And about how you've never doubted for a second that I'm the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with. I guess he's never felt that with my mom, even at their best."


14. Finding out Pam's pregnant.

Episode: "Company Picnic," Season 5, Episode 28.

They go to the hospital to get Pam's ankle checked out, but instead find out she's pregnant, and they have the cutest reactions ever. Look at that teary smile I'm :,)

15. Jim's speech about waiting for Pam.

Episode: "Niagara," Season 6, Episodes 4 and 5.

Hands down, one of the most romantic moments. Jim's speech perfectly summed up the previous five seasons and his feelings for her, and every audience member for sure had tears spilling down their faces during this scene.

16. Getting married at Niagara Falls alone, before the ceremony at the church.

Episode: "Niagara," Season 6, Episodes 4 and 5.

Okay, basically this entire episode was precious and the cornerstone of all Jim/Pam moments. The "take a mental picture" bit is especially romantic. But one of the loveliest moments was finding out they slipped out amidst all the hub-bub and stress of the wedding to get married at Niagara Falls alone. This is how you love your introvert tbh.

17. "The Adventures of Jimmy Halpert."

Episode: "Classy Christmas," Season 7, Episode 11.

Jim takes a break from getting terrorized by Dwight's snowballs to receive a beautiful Christmas gift from Pam: a homemade comic book about Jimmy Halpert, a mild-mannered man who gets bitten by a radioactive bear. It's her attempt to match Jim's level of thoughtfulness when it comes to gifts, and it doesn't disappoint since he absolutely melts at the gift.

18. Jim's list about what matters in life.

Episode: "The List," Season 8, Episode 1.

After the gang discovers Robert California's cryptic, two-column list and freaks out about it, Jim writes his own list of what he considers the most important. Of course, Pam, Cece, and the new baby are on one side, with "everything else" on the other. We were all Pam in this moment.

19. The much-needed hug that breaks the coldness between the two.

Episode: "Paper Airplane," Season 9, Episode 20.

Season 9 is mostly heartbreaking when it comes to Jim and Pam, but at the same time it just makes their relationship all the more real and therefore beautiful. Jim accepting a job at Athlead causes a lot of breakdown. After multiple fights, Pam being consoled by another man, a massive strain on their marriage, and couples counseling, the two finally have some cute moments again. Still, there's a coldness that remains.

They fight again and Jim leaves for Philly, but not without hugging his wife as hard as he can. At first, she doesn't reciprocate, but then she flashes back to the pastor at their wedding quoting 1 Corinthians 13 and the actual ceremony, and she soon hugs back. After that, they're back to their usual, cute Jim/Pam selves (and the world rejoiced).

20. The teapot and DVD.

Episode: "A.A.R.M.," Season 9, Episodes 22 and 23.

Back in season 2, when Jim gave Pam a teapot filled with inside joke trinkets, he had originally included a letter confessing his feelings. At the last minute, he retracted the letter. But in season 9, when Pam is doubting whether she's really enough for her husband after he gives up his dream job for her, he finally gives it to her--along with a DVD montage of them falling in love, courtesy of the doc crew. "Not enough for me? You are...everything."

There's no denying that Jim and Pam comprise the cutest "Office" couple, and now you can skip around to their most romantic moments. Probably arm yourself with a box of tissues though.

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