20 Ways Jessica Day Is The Most Relatable Person On TV

20 Ways Jessica Day Is The Most Relatable Person On TV

We all have a little bit of Jessica Day in us, and we are better off for it.


We can all relate to Jessica Day, you might just not have known how much. From her quirky weirdness to her love of having fun, she is here to help us make it through the day knowing we aren't alone in our struggles.

1. Her love for food is shared by us all.

2. She reassures us that we aren't the only one struggling in the ~romance~ department.

3. When frat boys think it makes them look cool to spray the surrounding crowd with several bottles of champagne, ie: ruining your hair.

4. When a guy starts giving you unwanted attention at a bar.

5. When you get back together with your no-good ex and are trying to justify your decision to your unapproving friends.

6. When there's a noon game, and you convince yourself that drinking liquor in the morning is perfectly ok.

7. When you wake up after a night out and see that you called 10 people and sent 35 Snapchats and have no idea what you said so you just have to take the L.

8. When people question your ~unique~ behavior/sayings.

9. When you flirt with a guy out of boredom and it almost gets you into a relationship.

10. When you see a cute boy at the bar and you make eye-contact.

11. When you realize you have a healthier/more stable relationship with wine than any boy you've ever met.

12. When you start catching feelings for someone.

13. Sober me punching drunk me for successfully ruining my life the previous night.

14. When your friends ask you if they should *insert any bad idea.*

15. When you wake up after a night out and ask your friends to fill in the gaps.

16. When the alcohol hits:

17. When a guy is bullsh*tting you and you are not having it.

18. When you're trying to convince your friend to go out with you even though she has an exam the next day.

19. When it's that time of the month.

20. And finally, when you continue to make terrible decisions.

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