1. When it's time to pick out an outfit that requires you to be more than just casual.

No one wants to think about what they have to wear other than work out clothes or dresses because those are the simplest options.

2. When it's the first day of classes and you need to scope the scene.

Should I sit next to him for next class? Would that be too obvious? I should introduce myself. Maybe I'll see him out tonight and can mention we have class together. No, that's weird, don't do that.

3. When you're so single it hurts.

Third wheeling like it's your job and sometimes being OK with it and other times wanting to poke your eye out with a fork.

4. When you see a girl talking to the guy you like.

So not cool with it. Why is she talking to him? Does he like her? Are they dating? Did they just meet? I'm annoyed. Talk to me, not her.

5. When you go out the night before a test.

Bad idea. Bad idea. Bad idea. I had fun though and I'm not hungover so, like this is, all okay.

6. When you "try" and diet.

It never lasts more than a day anyway. I like food way to much. I'll start tomorrow or maybe next week. Ha yeah right, I'm not putting myself through this again.

7. When you're finally done with classes for the week and everyone expects you to be excited to party.

Your bed is your true happy place and will always be, no matter what anyone tries to tell you. Your bed never lets you down. Ever.

8. When you don't have to change out of your pajamas all day.

No better feeling than taking your bra off after a long day. No bra, no problem, should be every girls motto in life.

9. When you're day dreaming about the hot guy at the gym and someone tries to talk to you.

I hope my butt looked good in my work out pants. Was I sweating too much? Do you think he thought I looked cute sweating? Maybe I'll use this as motivation. Yeah, you go girl.

10. When you don't have the energy to argue anymore.

Because food over fights, any day. Like do you think I could use food as a peace offering? I don't see any issues in that. Here's a cookie, please don't be mad anymore. This is literally the best solution I could come up with. Take it or leave it.

11. When you tell your guy friend something that upset you and they look at you weirdly.

Remind me why I told you in the first place? You were zero help. No I can't just forget about it, yes I'm actually still mad about it.

12. When someone makes a rude comment about you.

Being confident in yourself is the best thing that you can be. Don't let anyone bring you down. Do you girl.