Why Jessica Day Is The Most Relatable Character I Know

Why Jessica Day Is The Most Relatable Character I Know

Honestly, I think we can all find something in common with her.

Terri Crowell

Hey Girl! My name is Terri Crowell, but you can call me New Girl. No, sadly I am not Jessica Day, but I'll get to that in a moment. I want to begin by expressing how excited to have this opportunity to share my thoughts through Odyssey. This will be an experience. I’ve always loved to write, but I’ve never publicly shared my material to this extent (unless you count assigned articles in high school yearbook). Hopefully you guys enjoy what I share in the future, as I continue to lay out my life, my stories and my ideas for the world to see. As for now, I'd like to introduce myself. The best possible way I could think to do that, as the New Girl, was to relate my life to Jessica Day's. I apologize for the following cheese-factor, but please get used to it because it's kind of my thing. Here are 11 ways I relate to the wonderful Jessica Day (also, I had bangs for a solid week back in December, so really we're twins).

1. The Roomie Situation Is Ideal.

Instead of three eccentric male roommates, I have my wonderful mom, my younger brother and my cats. I have to say, I enjoy living with them because as a college student it's hard to adjust to life as it hits you in the face and they make it a little bit easier. My mom is my best friend that I get to come home and vent to everyday. My brother is the guy I can drag to Disney World when we score free tickets. My cats are my little babies that I can keep fat and happy. The best part about living at home, I have to say, is that it’s free (!!).

2. I've Got A Bestie For Life.

She may not be Cece but Rachael Tse is a real life goddess; the kind that brings me Gatorade when I’m sick, buys me Jeremiah’s when I’m heartbroken and kindly tells me to shut up after my tenth pun of the day. She’s always there for me and she always has my back. Most importantly, she’s my right hand woman and I couldn’t imagine doing life without her. Jess and Cece have an incredible friendship, but me and my girl Rachael have them beat.

3. Singing Is A Thing. Always.

Singing is never unwarranted. Jess’s voice is quite wonderful whereas mine is better off in the car, but this is still okay. Singing helps to get the emotions out. Singing makes you feel like a rockstar. Singing is always okay.

4. Taylor Swift Is The Real MVP.

Lets get real, boys continuously prove to be a disappointment no matter what age you are. Taylor Swift has written multiple ballads on the topic (and she is a legend). Jess and I cope the same way (except as a 19-year-old my glass is full of pink lemonade, not her sparkling pink wine).

5. It's Hard To Figure Out How To Life.

Granted, Jess is in her 30s and has a real person job as a principal whereas I work part-time at American Girl and haven’t even hit my 20s, but we both have struggles. What's cool is that we take life a day at a time and we’re really good at understanding that everything will work out in the end even though it doesn't always seem like it. There are bad days and there are good days, but all days are worth it.

6. There Is Always Time For Dancing.

Happy times, sad times, any time, dancing is always welcome. Trust me I'm not always good at it, but neither is Jess, and that's okay. Dancing is another way to feel like a rockstar on any occasion. It's always okay to jam out for a second.

7. Athleticism Doesn't Come Naturally.

Yes, I have played my fair share of sports. Tackle football, tennis, volleyball and baton twirling all had my heart at some point. You can ask any of my previous coaches how gracefully I took on each sport I tried; it took hard work and dedication to refrain from consistently falling on my face. Most times, I was like Jess.

8. Self Given Pep-Talks Are Always A Must Do.

Hey, there's no shame. We all have those days when we need a little pick-me-up. Listen, we're all fabulous human beings and telling ourselves that we're fabulous doesn't hurt anything. In fact, I think it just makes us even more fabulous.

9. What Are Boys?

If you've ever seen the show, you know Nick and Jess have some serious chemistry but never found the right time to be together. It's a struggle that resonates with everyone because, let's be honest, we know they should and it kills us inside knowing that they don't see it. Now, I don't have a Nick in my life (maybe I do) but Jess and boys is how I always feel; awkward, failing, and better off on her own.

10. Making Actual Decisions Is Found To Be Quite Unnecessary.

Ask any of my friends. If I have to choose the restaurant, we aren't eating. If I have to make the plans, we aren't doing anything. It's hard enough to choose which of my five pairs of black leggings to wear in the morning. There are too many decisions to make in life so the simple things are better left undecided.

11. Jess Knows Who She Is, Loves Who She Is and She Is Always Herself.

I’m proud to say I strongly stand by that mindset, and hope to encourage others to do the same. We could all use a little self-love in this world. I think that’s the most important, especially when you love others just as much.

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