Why Uncle Jesse And Aunt Becky Are The Definition Of Relationship Goals

If you watched "Full House" growing up, or even if you just watched "Fuller House" for the first time, I'm sure that you ship Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky's relationship. After 29 years, they are still as happy as ever and *spoiler alert* they even had a second wedding. Finding out that they aren't actually married in real life was heartbreaking! Here are 10 reasons why they're the literal definition of #RelationshipGoals

1. It was love at first sight.

...Well, kind of. Jesse did everything in his power to score a date with Danny's new cohost on "Wake Up San Francisco." At first, Becky played hard to get, but she finally decided to give Jesse and chance, and they lived happily ever after!

2. They are always down for an adventure.

“What do you mean one last adventure? Jess, the adventure is just beginning, for both of us. Sharing our lives and having a family. And, hey, if you wanna jump out of a plane, just let me know. I’ll strap on a chute; I’ll be right there next to you. The point is, whatever the adventure, let’s just do it together.”

3. Their wedding was perfect.

Besides the fact that Jesse got cold feet, ran away, and got arrested ... but the fact that he sang "Forever" at their wedding totally made up for it!

4. When Becky announced that she was pregnant.

Baby shrimp, baby corn, baby back ribs...how did Jesse not get the hint?!

5. Jesse pretended to be pregnant so Becky didn't have to go through it alone.

He made sure that the house was stocked with Becky's favorite foods at all times, and he even got her favorite wool socks from the attic ... that's true relationship goals.

6. Jesse rushed to the hospital just to be with Becky.

Ironically, Jesse began to feel "labor pains" as soon as Becky went into labor. Once Jesse got to the hospital, he learned that he had to have his appendix taken out, but he still stuck by Becky's side through it all.

7. Their kids are adorable.

Look at all of that hair!

8. They're kids at heart.

There was never a dull time in the Tanner household, especially with those two around.

9. They have amazing chemistry.

Fun fact: Lori Loughlin's character was originally only signed on for four episodes, but once viewers saw the chemistry between her and John Stamos, she was offered a permanent position on the show (Still can't believe that they're not married in real life).

10. And they still look good after all these years.

Jesse + Becky 4ever.

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