Okay, first of all, how was I allowed to watch this when it premiered ten years ago?

I was a child then and holy meatballs, my innocence ran fast away from me the first time I saw Snooki be Snooki. If you've never seen a 4'8" woman do a cartwheels and flips while wasted at a club, I highly recommend it for a good time. This show never fails to make me laugh. And I don't mean a cute, little giggle. Whenever I'm tuned into this show, I'm either laughing so hard I'm crying, or I'm laughing with my mouth wide open with absolutely no noise coming out. Yeah, that kind of laughing.

I watched this show enough times now to know the ins and outs of the Shore, from GTL time to hitting up Karma til the early morning. I didn't necessarily know what everything meant back then because my mind was still in PG mode. Still, I love this show because not only is it hilarious, but it also taught me some valuable lessons.

So, in honor of how many Jersey Shore members there were (at a given time lol because everyone knows the show improved when Deena replaced Angelina), here are 8 things I learned from watching the iconic Jersey Shore.

1. GTL is my weekly college routine

Image: g.t.l | Tumblr


Always. Except unlike them, I like to suntan, that is when it's warm.

2. Friendship is everything

Image: 30 Jersey Shore Quotes You Didn't Know You Needed, But Do


Not to mention Snooki and JWoww are still bffs and their kids are the cutest.

3. Strong work ethic is key

Image: 20 GIFs That Will Make You Miss 'Jersey Shore' More Than Ever


Snooki was planning on becoming a vet before the show, so selling shirts were just a side summer gig anyways.

4. Don't fall in love at the Jersey Shore

Image: 75 Of The Most Legendary One-Liners From 'Jersey Shore'


Ronnie and Sam definitely taught me what not to look for in a relationship.

5. Size has nothing to do with alcohol limit

Image: 30 Times Snooki Was Our Spirit Animal


It's called fun size for a reason. I wouldn't know, I'm Jenni's height but the point is, anyone can have fun...obviously.

6. DTF? Nah, sorry.

Image: Rewatching from beginning, some early thoughts : jerseyshore


Not into guys who call themselves something like "the situation" that just sounds creepy from the start.

7.  Who not to trust (*hint hint* the M in MVP)

Image: The Only "Jersey Shore" GIF You Will Ever Need


A pretty serious situation right now and I'm pretty sure that's what gave him the neck brace.

8. The Beach is where it's at, if you can find it

Image: ProSportsDaily.com


Also, it's OK to ask for directions. No question in a dull question with Snooki