Yet Another Email Scandal, But This Time It's On The Republican Side

Hillary Clinton’s campaign was plagued with her email scandal. People argued that she was a criminal over her use of a private email server. Then candidate Trump coined the phrase “lock her up” in part due to this issue. So when the news broke that Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump may have used private email accounts to conduct government business, my opinion was torn. Reports have circulated over particular members of the Trump team using private emails. Thus, it is not the first time the administration has been accused of this. Even President Trump was accused of doing so when photos showed him using his phone, which questioned security protocol. On the other hand, this situation is hypocritical. The argument that was frequently made was government officials handling sensitive material should not use private email accounts. As it puts national security at risk. President Trump often attacked Hillary Clinton for this during the course of the election.

The Presidential Records Act was put in place in order to enforce this exact ideal. By using a private email account to conduct government business regarding the President and Vice President, the material of that email is at risk. Security, a word that was often thrown around during the election is imperative in an age where cyber attacks have become more frequent. Failure to comply with The Presidential Records Act may result in removal, suspension, demotion, or pay penalty of the subject accused.

Jared Kushner has made himself vital to President Trump and the administration. He had also faced scrutiny in the past over emails, regarding his communications with the Russians. Those emails shed a negative light on the administration and Kushner himself. The investigation into Russian involvement in the election is still ongoing. This makes the possible use of private email accounts to obtain and share classified government information unnerving. Is this an attempt to hide information?

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, House Oversight Committee, and Special Counsel Robert Mueller have all shown interest in Kushner's social media, text messages, and private emails. The situation seems to parallel the Clinton email scandal. It has been reported the Kushner and Ivanka Trump re-routed their personal emails through the Trump Organization computer. As Clinton was accused of rerouting her emails through the use of a private server, to conduct government business in regards to the Clinton Foundation.

The parallels between Clinton and President Trump may seem slim to none. But, both has amassed great wealth over the years. Clinton used that wealth for the Clinton Foundation. While, President Trump amassed his wealth through the real estate business and ultimately his expansion of the Trump Organization. The use of private emails for an organization while subjects are government actors is alarming. I believe that those in the Trump administration should view the claims of private email use by Kushner as seriously as they took Clinton’s emails. At the end of the day, the debate over the matter is in regards to national security. If the President truly wants to “Make America Great Again” and put America first, security should be one of his first priorities.

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