"With the fragile state of the world emotionally, physically, environmentally, and politically we should all let go of ego... I hope through this music that people will take a deeper look inside themselves and others and find energy and spirit in our shared humanity. After all, we are all Subject to Flooding"- Roy English.

Roy English, the mind behind Jagwar Twin, just released new music with the single, "Loser." Last Friday it was released on Zane Lowe's Beats one and premiered in more than 100 countries, which you can listen to here. "Loser" is ushering in a new era of music for Roy who has just parlayed his musical talents into a new image called Jagwar Twin. On the cusp of doing something new and exciting with his music, the success of "Loser" can only be the beginning. His new album, Subject To Flooding, will be out on September 21st.

Jagwar Twin didn't happen overnight and one crucial part of that process was Linus. Linus co-wrote and also produced "Loser", as well as brought a old school rock element to Jagwar Twin's sound and creative process. Not only did Linus help Jagwar Twin in the studio, he also projected his diet and lifestyle of Himalyan shillijit tar, fasting, saunas, ice baths and meditation. This was an important part of removing ego from the creative process, and while doing this a creative and freeing environment was created in the studio. This mindset ultimately ushered in the contributions from Travis Barker of blink-182 and children's choirs; and then carried out into sessions in Joshua Tree, Haiti, Ireland and Italy.

After being introduced to Jeff Bhasker, a Grammy Award-winning producer, Roy started his journey into the industry he had always dreamed of entering. Of course, his dream didn't come with overnight success, and his struggles can be heard in his upcoming album. However, these struggles don't overshadow the synthesized beats and drops that will keep you listening, and ultimately, will keep you coming back for more.

After the initial introduction with Jeff Bhasker, Roy's paths crossed with another exceptional producer, S1. S1 has produced music for powerhouses like Lorde and Kanye West, so it's no surprise that with this meeting, Roy's life was changed and this led to the environment he needed to make his upcoming album, as well as "Loser."

Even though this might be Jagwar Twin's first album, don't mistake him for a rookie. Roy has worked alongside artists like 5 Seconds of Summer and Lana Del Rey and even assisted on the production of Lana Del Rey's song "I Can Fly" for the movie Big Eyes.

With such an extensive musical background, Jagwar Twin knows what the people want, and he's not afraid to give it to them. His new aesthetic surrounding his music mirrors that of popular alternative rock, and because of this, it'll be no surprise when his latest project and album is well received across the globe.