Jeffree Star is a the queen of scandals. Most of his scandals involve his friends which is usually about his money or just a disagreement between them. Since the people he had associated with are famous, they had used their platform to make him look bad, even if it was his opinion or an important business decision.

Although I do not know Jeffree, it isn't hard to recognize him as a genuine person. He cares so much about his friends and family and is genuinely hurt when they betray him. Almost every scandal of his I have heard about, I listen to both sides of the story and usually I agree with Jeffree, although there are some things he has said that I believe he shouldn't have said but I would never hate him for it.

Jeffree Star has come from a good place with crazy situations. He started on MySpace where he shared his music and was able to get an abundance of followers before it shut down. While he was creating music he was working on his makeup line. Obviously, Jeffree Star loves makeup so he wore it when he went out and people would try to fight him or call him names because it wasn't normal to them. When people tried to fight him, he would fight back and people would record the fights. People today, now that he's famous, will bring the videos to light for his fans to see to try and bring him down or make him look bad for their own personal reasons. If it weren't Jeffree Star getting into a random argument on the street, no one would really care about what remarks were made. There are a few videos I have seen of Jeffree arguing with people on the street and I have yet to see one where he is not defending himself. So at the beginning of his career, he isn't making enough money and people are trying to fight him because of his looks which leads to low self esteem and depression. Obviously this time in his life was a struggle and he just wanted what most people want- to be happy.

Eventually, he stopped making music to focus on his makeup line, which has clearly taken off. He now has hundreds of things you can buy from his store. Even though he is known for his makeup line, he has multiple sources of income that make him a multi-millionaire. As I said earlier, Jeffree is a genuine person with a kind heart and is often seen buying his friends things that they probably cannot afford and donating to charity. I think that he likes to help others and make them happy out of the goodness of his heart just because he can. Throughout his journey to success, he has gotten mixed up in multiple scandals. Some of which were his business denying to work with some of his makeup artist friends and those friends painting Jeffree as the bad guy. There were some scandals that were simple miscommunication and stubbornness to work things out. With those scandals, I have usually seen Jeffree Star try to reach out but sometimes he will give his side of the story and block them. He keeps his feelings private but they sometimes come out in videos, typically as jokes. Even though he does keep his feelings private, all of his fans know that his lost friendship is hurting him, but he doesn't let that stop him from being happy with his life. Eventually, he gets over the loss of his friend and thrives. After one of his best friends betrayed him, he thought about giving up until he became friends with Shane Dawson and his friends. After he found genuine people to befriend, he hasn't stopped thriving. And there are videos of people claiming that he has said racial slurs. This is where I think Jeffree Star should start saying something... and he did. He has a fifteen minute video on his YouTube channel addressing the rumors and accusations. He apologized and I haven't heard any Jeffree Star racial scandals since.

Of course, Jeffree Star has grown as a person over the years. When he first began his career he was in his 20's and is currently 33 years old. He has gone through so many life experiences while being under the spotlight. Of course his fans are going to know about some of those events and everyone is going to have an opinion on it, this would put a crazy amount of stress on anyone. With Jeffree being famous, it's easy for anyone to place judgement on his issues that we haven't gone through. Jeffree Star has received so much hate over the years even though he would keep his issues private. Throughout his entire career, he has kept his head down and focused on making his makeup the best it can be. Everyone has said things that they regret, and a lot of people have lost friends or gotten into situations that they didn't know how to handle. Jeffree Star is no different. He has apologized for things he cannot take back, he loves his friends, fans, and family, keeps most of his life private, runs a very successful business, and is a human being. Instead of breaking under the pressure, he grew as a person, businessman, and freind. Instead of hating on his success and mistakes, we should look to him for advice and understand that he is just as human as we are.