From the age of five, I started to play sports like soccer, T-ball, basketball, swimming, basically anything you can think of. Over the years, I've always played sports and been super athletic. In high school, I played varsity soccer, swimming, and softball, as well as participate in CrossFit to stay in shape. Typically, people who engage in sports this much have experienced at least one concussion, broken bone, sprain or strain, or something similar. But for me? Nope.

Swimming is not a very high impact sport, but it is still possible to have shoulder issues since that is one of the most used muscles in swimming or even a concussion from swimming into the wall or someone else. And I have never had any of these.

In soccer, it is very easy to get a concussion if you fall on the ground too hard, run into someone, or have a soccer ball hit you in the head. And still, I have never had a concussion, at least never diagnosed. It is also easy to sprain or strain a muscle in soccer, but I have never done this either.

In softball, it is pretty common to get spiked in the leg when someone slides into you, or get hit somewhere with a softball. Although I have gotten hit by a pitch and cleated in the leg, I have never had any serious issues.

I've always wondered how that was possible. Was I super lucky, or did I just do a good job of taking care of myself? I made sure to always warm up before practice or a game, and always stretch afterward. I would eat carbs before practice or a game for energy, and eat lots of protein after to maintain muscle mass. I would get a good amount of sleep at night and ate fairly healthy foods. This I feel like definitely contributes to my overall health, but I am also lucky, and grateful, for never getting seriously injured from playing sports. I never had to sit out a season and watch my team because of an injury, but not a lot of athletes can say that, so I am truly grateful.