It's Time To Stop Selfie-Shaming

In fact, selfies are great. You read that right. I whole-heartedly support the practice of selfie-taking and here's why:

We live in a time when confidence is frequently taken for vanity. We also live in a time when it is almost shameful to lack self-confidence. With the ever-high presence of media, photo-shopped pictures, and a product to fix every single flaw you might feel you have, it’s a race to the bottom. We are told we have to look a certain way to be beautiful. We are told that if we do not look this way, our value is less. We are told that if we have confidence, and we let the world know, we are vain. If we show that so called “vanity” via a selfie on social media, we are narcissistic. We are then oppressed so that every sliver of self-assurance we have is squished out of our minds. And that is not OK.

Selfies are a great confidence booster. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful, accepted, and good in their own skin. When you take a selfie, you are highlighting your beauty, from whatever aspect you see fit. It may be in a coffee shop, it may be sweaty at the gym, it may be when you’re out with friends. Whenever you feel like gorgeous human being you are, it is perfectly acceptable for you to document. No one, I repeat no one has the right to make you feel embarrassed for doing so. Partially because it is your right and you deserve to, but also because everyone does it. I guarantee you, anyone who has ever made fun of a selfie-taker has their fair share of them on their phone.

Furthermore, everyone loves compliments. That is not vanity; everyone does. It makes us feel good. While you do not need someone else’s verification of your beauty, if a friend leaving a heart-eyed or flame emoji on your insta-pic makes you feel warm and fuzzy, go for it. It’s also a great idea to start letting your friends, family, and peers know how beautiful they are. Compliments are contagious. People are more likely to compliment others when they themselves have been complimented. What better way to streamline this process than to post a picture for lots of people to see? Appreciate compliments, and give compliments. It makes everyone feel good.

Selfies are also phenomenal for the sheer convenience factor. Selfies allow us to have instant documentation for whatever is occurring in your life. It is right at your fingertips, and their is no need to bother an outside person to take the picture. It takes all of five seconds, and then you’re back to enjoying whatever it is your doing. Then you can share it, so your friends and family on Facebook get to know when something exciting is happening in your world, and they get to be happy for you, even if it’s from behind our computer screen.

So next time someone scoffs at you or another taking a selfie, tell them to take one themselves. It might just make them feel less bitter, and more confident, which is something everyone deserves.

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