It's Time to Break Up With Your iphone

It's Time to Break Up With Your iphone

Blame Your iPhone And Its Many Ways In Which Its Influence Has Made Your Behavior, Frankly, Socially Unacceptable.

Hello I'm talking to you...

How many times a day do you find yourself looking down at your iPhone instead of in the eyes of the person talking to you? The person passing you? Your crush? RUDE. No one likes to feel like they're not getting your full attention. But don't worry, it's not exactly your fault; you can blame your iPhone.

You probably don’t want to admit it, but let’s face it, sometimes you can be slightly socially awkward. For the more obsessed iPhone users out there, you can be a lot socially awkward. I’m not blaming you, and you shouldn’t either. Blame your iPhone and its many ways in which its influence has made your behavior, frankly, socially unacceptable. Before you can laugh and deny it, think about it, here’s a few habits that I bet you’re guilty of.

Listening to music on the way to class to avoid conversation

Yup, you've been caught. I know you love your Spotify premium account, but please unplug the headphones. Having your headphones gives others the impression of being standoffish. Embrace the sunshine and the people around you! Who knows what great conversations you could be missing out on.

Auto correct

Although auto correct was a very thoughtful invention, it’s also been a haughty one. It types the word we’re thinking of before we can even finish its thought, and it changes the word we mean into the word it thinks we mean. It’s made us so accustomed to abbreviations and text slang that we may find ourselves sounding like a rerun of “The Duff” when we should be sounding professional, in the classroom, in our weekly meeting, in our job place. Whoops, embarrassing, not the impression we were looking to give off.

Instant Text Message

Having the ability to send text messages instantly, has not only makes face-to-face interactions feel like pulling teeth, but also makes you unable to deal with confrontation. Mad at someone? Just wait for them to leave and then text them, duh. Pour out your heart in a lengthy paragraph. This bad habit makes you unable to deal with confrontation. When conflict arises, you find yourself shutting down, or walking away rather than expressing your thoughts and resolving the conflict. Later, you may regret words you didn't say, leaving the issue unresolved. In some cases, you may even give someone power over you due to your incapability to stick up for yourself. We become phone shy, only able to express our most intimate thoughts via technology.


Ah, Tinder. The most tempting of all apps. So convenient, so empowering, so.. weird. Come on, we’re better than that. I know we all desire a bit more assurance than knowing our profile picture rated above a mediocre 5 for a swipe right. It’s easy to fall into the convenience and ease of dating sites and forget how to be charming when it matters most. What ever happened to walking up to the pretty girl in her sundress at the grocery store and telling her just how beautiful your pounding heart says she is, or asking the cute/smart guy in your lab for some un needed torturing, or finally asking that mutual friend you’ve been dying to have one-on-one time with out on a date. A real date, with an old fashion pick up at 8, door opening, flowers, meaningful conversation; you know the one. Instead of hiding behind a social media app and pulling out your cheesiest pickup line. It may be flattering, and a confidence boost, but no one really wants to settle for their soul mate out of Tinder desperation.

It's time to break up with your iPhone and start some real relationships.

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To Curb Phone Addiction, I Turned My Phone Grayscale

And it (almost) worked

For the past couple days, I’ve been seeing gray.

Though my wardrobe occasionally suggests otherwise, I’m not color-blind. Instead, my phone’s been turned to grayscale.

The idea, at least according to writers and tech enthusiasts like the New York Time’s Nellie Bowels, is to curb phone addiction. Through removing color (and with it, any sense of joy), your iPhone ideally becomes less of a distraction and is less likely to appeal to your pre-evolutionary instincts for finding shiny, colorful things. Or something. Give me some slack, I’m going off of 100-level biology here.

The fact that I did it on a whim, through something I found while mindlessly scrolling through my phone, might have something to say about why I added the filter in the first place. There may or may not be implications worth exploring there.

I kept my phone grayscale for a couple days, just long enough to throw myself off.

During the first 24 hours, I was getting serious Wizard of Oz vibes, especially if I looked up after answering an email or scrolling through Facebook.

Going grayscale didn’t hamper me too much, though I challenge you to find enjoyment on Instagram with every photo taking on the look of the same gimmicky filter (though, to be honest, that’s not too different from my usual experience browsing Instagram).

But my phone did immediately seem less appealing.

Like the world’s worst scientist, I didn’t keep metrics. But I could already notice I was spending less time overall on the phone. Going grayscale didn’t prevent me from randomly checking my phone. But, at least at first, I was using my phone less each time I checked it.

My battery life was never great to begin with but it seemed as if my phone was able to hold a charge better than usual. Even after waking up at 6 in the morning and being on campus all day without a charger handy, my phone only dropped as low as 50% before I made it home.

Albeit, it wasn’t a particularly scientific experiment. But it felt nice, at times, feeling less attached to my phone.

For you tech acolytes wanting to try this out, it’s easy enough, though I only gave this a shot on my iPhone.

On iPhone, it’s fairly simple. Basically, you visit the Accessibility menu in General settings.

Add a color filter through the “Display Accommodations” option.

And voila. You're gray.

Android users have a few more steps to go through.

If you do try it out, let me know how it goes. You might find a longer battery life (and some sanity) along the way.

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iPhone X: Setting The Precedent For Smartphones For The Next Decade

Set to become the first trillion dollar company, Apple never fails to out-do itself.

The iPhone X, not "x" but rather the roman numeral X, has been one of the top selling devices during Q4 of 2017 and is showing strong promise in sales during Q1 of 2018. Named in honor of 10 years of iPhone, the newest flagship phone from Apple packs some pretty insane features (queue in Samsung users stating they've had these features for years).

Rocking a six-core Intel processor, the A11 Bionic chip is like nothing seen on an iPhone. Powered by iOS 11, the iPhone X delivers high-end speed and performance that is unmatched. Meet the new Neural Engine; housed within the A11 chip, this dual-core chip processes all AI and machine learning tasks and is the driving force behind features such as face ID and Animoji.

Now the iPhone X removes the home button and touch-ID, one of the most beloved features of the iPhone, but can I say the home button is so last year. With gestures, the fluidity of the iPhone is unlike any devices on the market. Face ID is so fast and sometimes I feel as though there isn't even a password in my phone; yep, it's that fast. Now you can unlock your phone with a glance.

With a virtually bezel-less display, the iPhone X looks and feel incredible. Not to mention the OLED Super Retina display that complements the device perfectly providing a crisp picture quality.

To nobody's surprise, the iPhone X is rocking some incredible power when it comes to the dual camera system, now with optical image stabilization, on the back and even the front-facing camera. It’s been a staple that iPhone has the greatest camera but get ready for front facing portrait mode. Take selfies like never before.

With this phone you will get standard features like IP67 water resistant rating and some new ones including wireless charging, which is super convenient; I haven't plugged in my phone since I got it. The new dual L shaped battery, which is due to the new stacked logic board, gives you all-day battery life. Seriously, all day.

Paired with an amazing operating system iOS 11, iPhone X is one of the best, if not the best, device on the market and is 100 percent worth the money

Cover Image Credit: YouTube

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