When I was a freshman in college, I didn’t know what a sorority was, let alone what greek life was. I heard rumors (of course none of them were good rumors) so that turned me off. I figured if I was hearing so many bad stories about joining a sorority, greek life couldn’t be for me. But I was wrong.

The thing is, the rumors were just that - rumors. I decided to stop listening to them, and started to make my own conclusions. I am happy I did - because that is the reason I fell in love with my sorority, Alpha Xi Delta.

Rushing as a Freshman was honestly a life changing experience. Yes, I know it sounds corny saying that, but joining Alpha Xi Delta has truly transformed me into a better, more confident person. Before I joined a sorority, I didn’t think I had strong leadership skills. I was able to make people laugh, and was sort of a goofball. I never thought people could actually take me seriously.

There was no way Me, the goofball, could be a leader. I didn’t think I was fit to be a role model to others. Now that I’m in a sorority, I have gained confidence that I didn’t have before. I no longer let people walk all over me. I am not scared to say how I feel. I’ve come to terms that there will be times that I will fail, and that’s OK.

Now, here I am, the President of my sorority. I love it. I love helping my sister’s when they’re in a tough situation. I love watching them grow, and pushing them to their fullest potential. I love being able to be a leader for them, and I love being able to have a second family. If someone were to tell me four years ago that one day I would be the President of a sorority I would have laughed.

Being in a sorority has brought so much positivity to my life. It has given me a support system of 30 plus sisters, given me confidence I never thought I could find, and made me passionate about something I never knew I was interested in. Going Greek is something that enhances someone’s life, but there are constantly other fraternities and sororities that shine a bad light on greek life , which continues to give greek life a bad stereotype.

Lately, fraternities and sororities all over the country, have been hanging up banners when freshman move in, saying completely inappropriate things. Such as, “I hope your son’s pullout game is strong.” Things like this is what makes sororities look so bad. People start to think all we care about is posting things that make us look dumb, and don’t actually care about philanthropy events, and other things that go into being in a sorority.

There are some sororities, and fraternities that do an awful job of getting rid of the stereotypes that all greeks must carry with them. It’s unfortunate, but we aren’t all like that. Most people involved in greek life are passionate about their philanthropy, and strive to be successful. They love their organization, and would never want to shine a bad light on it.

Never for a moment have I ever regretted becoming a sister of Alpha Xi Delta.

To my Alpha Xi’s,

You have my heart and always will.