10 Aspirations For Girls In 2017
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10 Aspirations For Girls In 2017

2017 is set to be the year of the girl.

10 Aspirations For Girls In 2017
Christina Brannon

1. I hope we realize that we are more than just our bodies.

Between magazines flaunting airbrushed-to-perfection Covergirls with the latest weight loss trends and Instagram models smiling while promoting the best workouts to get abs in two days, it seems like there is no where to turn without seeing the society proclaimed ideal body for girls. All too often the idea of the "perfect body" is considered the ultimate goal, as if looking like a model would cure cancer, stop world hunger, and quell the refugee crisis all together. In fact, its quite the insult to believe girls are only good for what their body looks like. It's time to stand up against the ways of society that feed off of our insecurities by realizing that beauty shines brighter when it comes from within. Intelligence is beautiful, kindness is beautiful, helping others is beautiful. And the best part is, none of those qualities require magic fit tea or a waist trainer. In 2017, be your own kind of beautiful.

2. I hope that we realize that we are not being bossy. We are just the boss.

A common misconception is that when a girl asserts power over a room, they are just being too "bossy", as if the title of "boss" is too heavy for our apparent daintiness. The sad part is that it dissuades many girls from desiring a position of power, no matter how rightly deserved, all because of the fear of this insult. I challenge us to change it. No need for any man-splaining here, we got it covered. In 2017 let's take charge, show our power and speak our minds without caution.

3. I hope we take more time to love ourselves

Sometimes our inner critic can be deafening. Sometimes the mirror can be deceiving. It's always easier to pick ourselves apart for what we aren't than to commend ourselves for all that we are, and that is something that should change. Self-love is undoubtedly the most important love; it's the love that allows us to then go out and love others more fully. But it's almost impossible to love yourself when you can't get passed the flaws you think you have. In 2017, replace every negative thing you want to say about yourself with two positive things and trust me, your positivity will be beaming.

4. I hope we empower each other.

I know this may be somewhat shocking to hear, but us girls are in it together. We never were each others competition, but now more than ever it appears that way. There is too much tearing one another down in hopes to improve our own self image. But the truth is, the only way that we can rise is by lifting up others. Life's no fun when you feel like you're pitted against each other in some twisted competition of who's prettier, who's smarter, who's most popular.. the list goes on. I promise, her prettiness doesn't negate your prettiness and her smartness doesn't make you any less smart. However, hating on other girls does make you less kind, which is never cool. Lifting each other up is the best alternative, and it even presents the possibility of friendships. In 2017, let's embrace the awesomeness of sisterhood.

5. I hope we say yes more.

Say yes to that internship, say yes to that dream vacation you've been dying to take, say yes to spontaneous midnight adventures and always, and I mean always, say yes to dessert. Life's too short to say no all the time. It's true, everything you want is right outside your comfort zone, but saying no can keep you from experiencing some of the best things in life. In 2017, don't just say yes. Say heck yes.

6. ...and I also hope we say no more.

While saying yes keeps life fun and exciting, it is also important to know when it's a no. Creepy guy badgering you to go on a date? Don't be afraid as coming off too harsh, say no. "Friends" putting you in situations you're uncomfortable with? Girl, they're not your friends. Say no. People saying that you shouldn't have that one extra slice of pizza? Do I even need to say the answer? (it was no, if you're wondering). In 2017, know its okay to put your foot down.

7. I hope that we don't let anyone determine our worth.

Just because he broke up with you doesn't mean you're not worthy of the best love out there and just because she decided that she doesn't want to be your friend anymore doesn't mean you're not worthy of having a best friend. Our worth is something that comes from within ourselves, and only ourselves. If we let the negative opinions of others get inside our heads it can prove to be disastrous. As the old saying goes, a ship can only sink if the water gets in. In 2017, realize that your worth is priceless.

8. I hope that we fight back against sexism and injustice.

Nothing in this world is stronger than the power of girls fighting back against years of misogyny. If anything is so 2000 and late it's crimes against women, but the only way to stop these kinds of injustices is by wholeheartedly fighting back. Donate to women's centers, go to women's rights rallies, and don't ever believe for a minute that you won't be heard. 2017 is the year to silence misogynists by raising our voices together.

9. I hope we overcome the idea that our relationship status is life-defining.

"Single on Valentines Day" may be the four scariest words strung together for some. But, is it really all that bad? In all of the time wasted on finding a new boyfriend, improvements for ourselves are overlooked. Instead of being drained by trying to find your "perfect match" in time for the holidays, take up that new hobby, study hard to become the best at your dream profession, and do things that make you happy in general. Once you begin to focus on yourself, everything will fall into place eventually. In 2017, remember that "relationship needed" is not a necessary condition for happiness.

10. I hope we reach all of our goals, and then exceed them.

I hope that the bar for success for us is set ridiculously high, and then I know that we will aim even higher. Stay motivated, challenge yourself, and keep your eyes on the success you want in life. There is no time to waste when you want the best for yourself, and goal-reaching will soon become second nature when you make yourself a priority. In 2017, let it be the year of the girl.

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