As we all know it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month!! This article I will tribute to my grandmother who had Breast Cancer and unforgivable who passed away from it.

This month is all about the pink colored ribbon and the color for Breast Cancer is pink. This is all the awareness and how much money people can raise throughout the month and how much money just in one month and all the money it can make. They have stuff you can buy in pink and with the pink ribbon on and you can also donation to help the cause.

I tribute this to my grandmother who passed from Breast Cancer in March of 2012, she find out that she had breast cancer and within 6 month she passed away from it. Her and I were really close and did pretty much everything together when I was growing. I know during this whole month I will be mostly in pink to see support, respect, and tribute to my grandmother.

To treat the cancer you have to go though chemotherapy which is you get an IV fill of fluids and radiation is where they take picture of the area of the body and the last part is where you can surgery and that will remove from the breast and it will cut out the breast that are affect from cancer.

The amount of money raise they raise in just alone in the month of October with all the merchandise that can be sold and all of the fundraiser or doing walk with that happen a lot during this month.

In the month of October, the sports will have a fundraiser game where both of the teams will wear pink and that for college, high school and even pro. The jersey will be pink and also will the sock will be at the same time to raise awareness.