I am the girl who loves to “dress up” (wear everyday clothes) to class and a full face of makeup almost if not every day.

I have gotten the “ooh who are you dressed up for” or “where are you headed to after class” comments that I kindly responded to with “myself” and "more class" or "the library.”

Even though they were kind words they still had a slight sting to them when someone spoke them to me. Sometimes girls would respond with I just wear my norts and t-shirts to class because I don’t care, to which I respond with “hey girl you do you." And that brings me to this article’s topic –– “you do you."

One thing I cannot stress enough to the people in my life is that you gotta do you. There is nothing more that breaks my heart is when people make choices or do things and feel the need to apologize to others as if it affects me. I think growing up in small little bubble town I was used to not really stepping out of the box and being myself because I was worried it wouldn’t be received well.

I honestly felt like if I tried to step outside of my box and be a little louder I would get shoved back into the quiet “nice girl" corner. The “nice girl” corner is a great spot, don’t get me wrong, but it was not where I belonged, and it was not until college until I felt like I could get out and find myself. Let me tell you, the girl that I am is nice but she’s not quiet--she’s actually quite extra and a bit of a diva.

I finally got to my true personality (diva) when I started getting involved on campus through my sorority and various clubs where I started meeting new people. The key factor in this for me was that these people were new and they didn’t know about the old shy Becca.

In fact, they didn’t know about the little goody-two-shoes who sat in the “nice girl” corner so I had ample opportunity to be completely different but I wasn’t going to shed being a nice girl completely. I still have the same morals and values I always had, I just finally found a voice that can express them. Through these new people, I’ve seen that who I truly am is not going to be rejected and am free to be me. And I just feel that this lesson is valuable for anyone who doesn’t feel like they are being their true selves.

There is no time like the present to be who you have always wanted to be. It’s okay to evolve from who you were because that is how you find out how you are.

Catch ya girl will with a full face of makeup done and hair done. I will also be the one who is a bit too dressed up because that’s me doing me. So, girl, you wanna wear your norts and t -shirt, do it. You are not hurting anyone.

You do you, and I’mma do me.