It's Okay To Be Yourself

It's Okay To Be Yourself

Be yourself, because everyone else is already taken.

I am the girl who loves to “dress up” (wear everyday clothes) to class and a full face of makeup almost if not every day.

I have gotten the “ooh who are you dressed up for” or “where are you headed to after class” comments that I kindly responded to with “myself” and "more class" or "the library.”

Even though they were kind words they still had a slight sting to them when someone spoke them to me. Sometimes girls would respond with I just wear my norts and t-shirts to class because I don’t care, to which I respond with “hey girl you do you." And that brings me to this article’s topic –– “you do you."

One thing I cannot stress enough to the people in my life is that you gotta do you. There is nothing more that breaks my heart is when people make choices or do things and feel the need to apologize to others as if it affects me. I think growing up in small little bubble town I was used to not really stepping out of the box and being myself because I was worried it wouldn’t be received well.

I honestly felt like if I tried to step outside of my box and be a little louder I would get shoved back into the quiet “nice girl" corner. The “nice girl” corner is a great spot, don’t get me wrong, but it was not where I belonged, and it was not until college until I felt like I could get out and find myself. Let me tell you, the girl that I am is nice but she’s not quiet--she’s actually quite extra and a bit of a diva.

I finally got to my true personality (diva) when I started getting involved on campus through my sorority and various clubs where I started meeting new people. The key factor in this for me was that these people were new and they didn’t know about the old shy Becca.

In fact, they didn’t know about the little goody-two-shoes who sat in the “nice girl” corner so I had ample opportunity to be completely different but I wasn’t going to shed being a nice girl completely. I still have the same morals and values I always had, I just finally found a voice that can express them. Through these new people, I’ve seen that who I truly am is not going to be rejected and am free to be me. And I just feel that this lesson is valuable for anyone who doesn’t feel like they are being their true selves.

There is no time like the present to be who you have always wanted to be. It’s okay to evolve from who you were because that is how you find out how you are.

Catch ya girl will with a full face of makeup done and hair done. I will also be the one who is a bit too dressed up because that’s me doing me. So, girl, you wanna wear your norts and t -shirt, do it. You are not hurting anyone.

You do you, and I’mma do me.

Cover Image Credit: Becca Steele

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Everything You Need To Know About BANG Energy Drinks

Say goodbye to your favorite pre-workout drink.

BANG energy drinks from VPX Sports are the hottest new products for athletes everywhere. On every can, you'll find their catchphrase "Potent Brain & Body Fuel" and it gives you just that. Clean energy, laser-sharp focus, and no sugar induced crashes are just a few of the reasons these bad boys are flying off the shelves faster than retailers can keep them stocked. Haven't heard of them? Sound too good to be true? Let me answer your questions.

What is it? It's an energy drink that's kind of like your typical Red Bull or Monster. It's a perfect substitution for pre-workout supplements or coffee.

Who's it meant for? Anyone! A better question to ask is, "Who isn't this drink meant for?" On the can, you'll find a recommendation for no one under the age of 18 to consume the drink. You also may want to steer clear of it if you're sensitive to stimulants like caffeine.

What's in it? BANG energy drinks contain zero calories, zero carbohydrates, and zero sugar. But what you can find are BCAA's, CoQ10, creatine, and copious amounts of caffeine. These are things athletes often take as supplements.

What are BCAA's? BCAA's are Branched Chain Amino Acids. They are known to stimulate protein synthesis, increase muscle function, decrease your soreness after a workout, and even aid in repairing damaged muscles.

What's CoQ10? Coenzyme Q10 is found in the mitochondria of your cells and sparks energy production. It helps produce energy your body needs for cell growth and maintenance. People often take this as a dietary supplement when they feel tired or lethargic.

What's super creatine? Creatine does a great job in enhancing athletic performance by aiding growth of lean body mass (AKA muscle). When you take creatine orally, the amount in your muscles increase and helps regenerate ATP more efficiently. According to the nutrition label, this so-called "super" creatine is bonded to Leucine to make Creatyl-L-Leucine. On, a VPX Sports representative allegedly said the following about the Super Creatine in the drink:

"The creatine in there is actually something very is the world's only water stable creatine. It is Creatine-Leucine peptide. Think of this...if you mix creatine in water, it sinks and if you mix leucine in water, it floats....if you combine the two into a peptide, it creates a water soluble and water-stable form of creatine. It also has a fatty acid chain that makes it easier to cross the blood brain barrier. The focus of the super creatine is not for muscle function, but for combining this form of creatine with caffeine, it works synergistically for mental focus."

How much caffeine is in one can? In one can of BANG, you'll be blessed with 300mg of caffeine. This is the equivalent to over three cups of coffee.

Is that even safe? Yeah, it is. In order for the caffeine in the energy drink to be lethal at any capacity, I would have to drink 30.7 cans.

So, what are the downsides? There are two things that come to mind. One is that consumers have no idea how much BCAA's, CoQ10, or creatine is actually in the drink. It could very likely be trace amounts too small to do anything beneficial. Two, BANG energy drinks do not go through the FDA approval process.

Is it really that good? Well, out of 113 reviews of the product on, there's an average 9.6 overall rating. Most reviews comment on the quality of the energy, the cognitive focus, and the non-existent crash once the drink wears off.

What kind of flavors can I buy? There are currently eight flavors on the market: Black Cherry Vanilla, Cotton Candy, Sour Heads, Star Blast, Blue Razz, Champagne Cola, Power Punch, and Lemon Drop.

Where can I get it? You can find BANG energy drinks at your local GNC or Vitamin Shoppe retailers, Amazon,, VPX Sports' website, some gas stations, and privately owned retailers.

How expensive are they? This depends on where you make your purchase. The cheapest place to purchase your BANG energy drinks is at for about $2.00 per can. You can find similar prices on Amazon and at your local retailers. The energy drinks are most expensive through the VPX website where you'll pay about $2.75 per can.

How do they compare BANG to other energy drinks? I'll give you some data and you can make your decisions based on that:

16 oz. BANG: 300mg caffeine, 0g carbohydrates, 0g sugar.

16 oz. Monster Energy (regular): 160mg caffeine, 54g carbohydrates, 54g sugar

16 oz. Red Bull (regular): 160mg caffeine, 56g carbohydrates, 56g sugar

16 oz. Rockstar (regular): 144g caffeine, 54g carbohydrates, 54g sugar

Cover Image Credit: Youtube

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3 Major Steps I've Taken And Learned From After 20 Years Of Life

After years of searching for myself, I think I’m starting to find some clarity and peace.

Each year on my birthday, I always look back on my major accomplishments and create new goals for what I hope to achieve in the upcoming twelve months of my life. After celebrating the biggest birthday I've had since birth ~my 21st~ I have realized how much I've changed in just the last short months before it alone.

Right before my birthday this year, an unexpected turn in life caused me to have to rethink everything that I had planned. This change put me through a season of depression as I felt helpless and unworthy, stuck at home alone for days. If not for the love and support from my family and friends, and a change that I knew needed to come in my life, I don't think I'd have been motivated enough to continue forward. But after reevaluating my life this time, here are some key changes that have impacted my life the most.

1. I’ve taken time to focus on myself.

What this means differs from day to day, but on the regular for me, it means just being mindful of my mental and physical health. This helps me eliminate unnecessary stressors because I’m no longer worried about always making everyone happy before myself. I quickly learned that I wouldn’t be looked at as rude or unkind just because I say no, and the moment I did I felt a great relief.

On other days, it’s a lot more than just being mindful of my choices. I had to learn how to sensibly balance not spending any money on myself and treating myself like I just won the lottery because no matter how old we get it’s always nice to reward yourself. I have rerouted my brain to stop feeling guilty each time I want to buy a new outfit or spend a day out with my friends. This has changed how I view money in relation to myself and my needs which has greatly improved my quality of life.

2. I actively seek to spend time with my friends.

After switching jobs this year, I lost my constant contact with ninety-percent of my friend group. This took a major toll on me and was the cause of much of my sadness. I’ve always been bad at keeping up with friends from school or old jobs once I had left those places, but with my new change in perspective, I knew that would not be the case here.

I now look forward to our coincided days off because I can enjoy my friends in an out-of-work environment and we can actually do exciting things. By actively seeking out time to meet with my close friends, I understand who I actually enjoy the company of and who I used to just tolerate because I had to see them daily.

3. I have started to love myself, and accept love from my friends and family.

It is a long and difficult journey to be at peace with who you are and accept yourself just the same. It took me years to finally surround myself with positive people who I feel never judge me for being myself and truly want the best for me. But now that I finally understand my support system and feel comfortable falling back on them when I need to, I feel confident in my ability to succeed and grow.

The amazing love and support from all my friends and family are how I got out of my slump this year, and without a doubt, I know they will continue to be there for the hardest times of my life. Their constant encouragement and advice make me feel like I have the ability to take on the world head on and achieve any goal I set my mind to.

Change can be a wonderful thing, and although sometimes unexpected, you never know if it can be the best thing to happen in your life. If I was never shifted out of my comfort zone, I don’t think my outlook on life and relationships would have changed. So with that said, I encourage you to embrace the changes in your life with open arms, I know you won’t regret it.

Cover Image Credit: Anete Lūsińa

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