Now, what every woman hates to talk about: being alone. We grow up in a world where it seems that you have conquered life if you have a man on your arm. You see Insta-famous couples posted all over and the comments read "omg GOALS!" You seriously cannot help but think that that is what you should be searching and longing for. I, too, fell into the trap that thinking that being with someone will complete a piece of you. After losing that person and having to reconstruct and build myself whole again, I realized that being alone and happy is the most "GOALS!" things I could have ever done.

It's crazy how losing someone so important can really affect your mental health. It can make you feel worthless and not good enough, but soon those feelings will disappear and feelings of happiness and self-worth come flowing in. I never knew that being alone and having to find the strength and energy to build myself into the strong and fierce woman I am today would make me feel so fulfilled. I'm here to tell you that the feelings that take over your body when you are independently conquering your world by yourself will outweigh the feelings felt in a relationship that isn't working.

I've never felt more together and content with my life than I have being alone. I have been able to explore things that I love and meet so many brilliant people just because I've been free. I have been able to think for myself and only worry about my best interest and there's something so empowering about that.

Being alone has shown me so many vibrant and interesting pieces of me and showed me how strong I can really be. When you're in a relationship, the wants and needs of you and your partner start to intertwine and before you know it, you are compromising things you really want for the sake of someone else.

Now, don't get me wrong, when you find the person that makes those things easy to give up, go all in. But there is something to be said about the satisfaction of conquering the world alone and the rush it gives you.

Being alone shows you something about yourself that no one else really can. So the next time you have a mid-20 crisis because you can't find man, look at all the things you do have and appreciate them.