You Should Never Be Ashamed Of Not Being OK
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You Should Never Be Ashamed Of Not Being OK

No storm lasts forever but it's perfectly fine for it to rain...

You Should Never Be Ashamed Of Not Being OK
Brittany Bottomley

It's okay not to be okay. What's not okay, is feeling sorry for it. We all have a right to, not be okay from time to time, but if those time to times become every day; it's still okay. Please just remember to always seek help, whether it may be a friend, family member, your favorite customer, a teacher, or even professional help. It's okay to vent and it's okay to tell someone you're not okay; we don't always expect you to be.

People live different lives of all type of scenarios and obstacles. You could be a billionaire and still not be okay. You could still be mourning over the loss of a loved one or a bad breakup. And no matter what your age, it's perfectly fine to be hurt over a breakup. Never are you too young to have feelings or too young to love. So never let anyone tell you that. Teenage love is just as real as adult love, and sometimes even purer. Your day or life could be going perfect and then tragedy hits and suddenly it's no longer perfect and you're not okay. That's okay, you will be again.

Even if you "have no reason to be sad" you still have a right to be and it is alright for you to have those feelings. Sometimes sadness is random but you need no justification for it. Usually, this indicates depression but it is human and fine to feel this way, many of us do too. Negative feelings are just as okay as positive feelings, no matter who says otherwise.

My best advice is to find something you love. Take interests in the little things. Want to know what helps me and has kept me alive and keeps me doing okay? I live for sunsets and travel. My funds don't always grant me the opportunity to travel but it's free to look out your window or take a walk outside. Sunsets are a daily promise to us and it's something I live to capture in my free time. Every day I can look forward to a sunset. They all might not be breathtaking and picture worthy, but they're still there. Find your sunset in life and never let go. It could be your morning coffee or the neighborhood dog that always walks past your house at noon with its owner. The one that works for most is music because there will always be more and there are already trillions of songs out there for you. Music is a great escape and is the best for putting what we fail to say into words. A great to start with is Leona Lewis' throwback of "Better In Time" because she reminds us that through the struggles and pain "it'll all get better in time" or Logic's "1-800-273-8255" which is also our National Suicide Hotline number in America and the song offers a great message. Just find your peace and stick with it.

Also, if you feel you the need to hide the fact that you're not okay from a person then please remove them from your life. You only need people around that are going to be there for you and let you vent. What you don't need is people telling you your feelings are wrong and to just snap out of it. They're jerks for that and you NEED to let them go, I don't care if it's the last person you have left or your best friend of 10 years or even your mother. LET THEM GO and make a new supportive friend. We all need someone to run to at the end of the day or when times get too hard.

What I want you to know is happiness is not something that just comes every day to everyone, it's something that needs to be worked at. It's okay not to always be happy and I think people forget that. Expecting to be happy every single day of your life is an unrealistic expectation and will only set you up for failure. As long as you're content with your day and what you're doing, that's all that matters.

The most important thing to remember is that this won't last forever. Some days are going to be tougher than others, as some storms are more powerful, but I PROMISE YOU that it'll get better. Every storm has its rainbow and your storm will have its. Sunnier days are yet to come so please ride out the storm and find yourself along the way. Once you find your "sunset" I promise you it'll get easier. Always remember that YOU MATTER, it's okay to admit you're not okay and you're not weak for doing so, and it can't possibly rain forever.


A girl that says she's fine but isn't

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