Why Makeup Bashing Is Not Okay
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Why Makeup Bashing Is Not Okay

2K17: The year you stop caring what I put on my face.

Why Makeup Bashing Is Not Okay
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Let's face it, every time you scroll through your Facebook feed you're bound to come across some sort of makeup tutorial. This usually has women from start to finish, having no makeup to finally ending with a nice glittery, winged eyeliner, with a well-blended contour and highlight, bigger lips than they began with, and on-fleek eyebrows within a matter of minutes. The pages that usually share these tutorials will have a title of "Amazing Transformation" paired with the heart eye emoji. However, something that comes along with these tutorials is nasty comments.

Here are some actual comments I found on a recent video I saw on Facebook:

"That's way too much that's what you call cake face lol please stop doing this to your face." - Christine Faith Zimmersmann
"False advertising. Meet her, take her home, next morning is like 'dafuq!? You're not the chick I came home with' lmao." - Alexander P Whey
"Ugly before and ugly after." - Steve Stevenson

These comments annoy me for multiple reasons, the first being that they are just plain nasty and rude.The second being that none of these people would ever have the balls to say that to someone in real life, so they hide behind a keyboard. Third, it is none of these people's business what someone does to their face. Fourth, women are not for sale, so stop calling their face an advertisement. And fifth, these people are just being assholes to be assholes.

Here's a couple life tips: You don't get to tell someone what they can or can't do to their face. You are not better than someone just because they wear makeup, and you don't. You're not being cool when you say "the most makeup I wear is eyeliner and some mascara." Girls don't wear makeup to impress you. A girl doesn't have to be 'insecure' or 'lacking confidence' to wear makeup, because sometimes girls wear makeup because it's fun.

Stop shaming men or women for wearing makeup.

No one should feel ashamed or embarrassed to admit that they wear makeup. If you don't wear makeup, cool. If you do wear makeup, cool. However, NO ONE should ever shame ANYONE because of what they choose to apply on their face!

I'm sick and tired of seeing all over social media how girls are deemed "fake" because they decide to wear makeup every day. I'm sick and tired of men saying that they would be pissed if a girl wore that much makeup, because the girls tricked them. Thank you for being so shallow that how a girls face looks would deter you from dating us, it helps us weed out the difference between a man and a child. Honestly, if you truly believe that I naturally have a black line across my eyelid, and have sparkly cheek bones, you deserve to be tricked.

Something that has always bothered is when other women poke fun at other women because they do or don't wear makeup. I hate when I see girls share things that say "Like if your eyebrows are actually hair." Like, okay, thank you for trying to put me down because I want to take the time to fill in my eyebrows, so it actually looks like I have them because they're thin in some areas.

I am perfectly okay admitting I wear makeup. I wore makeup almost every single day in high school. I can probably count on my hands how many times I didn't wear to school.

Whenever I would do a full face of makeup, I would constantly be bombarded with comments about how 'cake-faced' my face was, or how I didn't need to wear makeup, or how I could find the energy to spend 30 minutes every morning apply something that I was just going to eventually take off in 12 hours. The worse comment I ever received from someone was that I could easily lose 10 pounds if I just took off all my makeup.

On the other hand, on the very few days I didn't wear makeup in high school, I couldn't go an hour without being asked if something was wrong. I'd be asked if I was sick, if I got any sleep the night before, and I was always being told, "You look tired."

It wasn't until I got to college I had learned that I can't win.

I'm either being told I wear too much makeup, or not enough makeup. My eyeliner was either too thick, or I seriously needed some. My foundation either made me cake-faced, or my natural skin was too blotchy and I needed foundation to even my skin out.

I'm either ugly because I wear makeup, or I'm so ugly I need it.

When I get ready in the morning, I don't ask myself "who am I getting ready for?" Because I already know that answer. I'm getting ready for myself.

If I decide sleep is more important that makeup, I'll roll out of bed, get dressed and go about my day. I don't care who I run into, I don't care who looks at me. It's the face I was born with, and if it offends someone they can build a bridge and jump off it.

If I have enough time to do my makeup in the morning, I'll do the whole thing. I'll do foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, highlighter, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lip liner, lipstick, the whole thing! Why? Because I like it! I think it's fun, and I'm honestly really good at it. No one is going to make me feel bad or ashamed for doing something I like.

I don't know when, or exactly why, makeup became such a controversial topic, but it shouldn't be. You do you, let me do me, and we'll all live in peace.

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