Embracing My Femininity

Embracing My Femininity

Thoughts on femininity and the no makeup movement.

If you watched the VMAs on August 28th you hopefully saw Alicia Keys and her stunning, makeup free face on the red carpet. If you were also following along on twitter like me, you also saw the hate transpiring around Keys and her choice to continue her makeup free movement.

Tweeters from near and far came to criticize Keys and her choice to not wear makeup to this star studded event. Of course while her fans and supporters of the movement also showed up to the party to praise her, the hate piled on thick (much like the foundation most women cake on their face on a daily basis, yeah I went there). Most felt that the whole movement was a sham and Keys was being fake about it and that there was no way she wasn't wearing makeup. Others started to give her makeup tips telling her she looked like a mess and to at least put on some concealer

A lot of these comments came from women of all ages and races which absolutely baffled me. In a country where women are constantly harassed, put down, and criticized for just about everything we do by "the man," how is it solving anything when women are criticizing each other? On a daily basis you see Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook posts telling females to embrace their natural beauty and love themselves; but then when a woman of natural beauty does so, she is attacked and told to "PUT ON SOME DAMN MAKEUP ALICIA KEYS!!!!".

The whole situation is confusing much like most of the world is today, but it gave me some things to think about my femininity and self-love.Makeup is funny to me. It's fun to put on and try different looks when you're bored. But when you actually want to wear makeup, it becomes too time consuming and for some reason you are never able to achieve the same smoky eye you did when you were just experimenting one Saturday afternoon. I'm guilty of being a makeup hoarder which is odd because 5 out of 365 days I actually wear full makeup. Then about 15 out of the remaining days I'll put on some mascara and blush to avoid looking like a zombie. All the other days I am makeup free. So this movement Alicia Keys is starting has been my life for the past 22 years. Growing up I was very girly - playing with makeup in the bathroom, putting too much on and facing the horror of having to wipe it all off, and then having to take a shower to try and get the foundation that was too dark for my skin to wash off. My mom never actually taught me how to wear makeup. She always said "You are naturally beautiful. You don't need any". But of course after begging and pleading for me to try the free eyeshadows and mascara from Estee Lauder, she caved in and allowed me to experiment and was always reminding me less is more. Which is partially why when my friends talk about contouring and lining and finding the right color of some sort of brown liquid, I am totally confused. Watching people get their makeup done at Sephora or Mac is VERY interesting to me because in 30 minutes someone can look like a knock-up version of Kardashian. Suddenly they feel powerful although they had the same power when they walked in because they were just as equally gorgeous, if not more without the makeup.

I am in no way bashing makeup. Like Keys had said she has no problem with makeup and people wearing it, she personally chooses not to wear it and I feel the same way. Makeup is fun. If my friends want to experiment on my face with different looks, I'm totally cool with that. But personally in my daily life I don't find it as a necessity which brings me back to embracing my femininity. One of my closest friends asked me a few years ago if I was a feminist in which I replied no. She was shocked and I was confused. Wait was I supposed to be a feminist because I was a female? I never really understood the whole feminist idea fully, but I did find it interesting that they burned their bras (which I would totally participate in). I think that question really sparked a fire in me and began this journey about my femininity and what it means to me to be female. I obviously know I am a girl and I like being a girl. But I was struggling on how to embrace it completely. How was I living my full potential as a woman and contributing to society? Whoa, you were just talking about makeup and now you're getting extremely philosophical. I know, just hear me out for a second. Women are criticized daily for every move they make whether it is breast feeding in public, not shaving their legs or armpits, or how they dress. It is a daily battle when really we just want to be left alone. We are fine the way we are. We are fully functioning and in no way need your opinion. But how was I supposed to help women? How am I, a 22 year old woman, going to help the women around me? This brings me back to supporting Alicia Keys’ no makeup movement. This was something I could support. My first semi-feminist movement I could get on board with and I'm happy. I'm happy to stick up for women and their choices. Women have a lot of other things going on like periods, whiny boyfriends to deal with and someone criticizing them about not wearing makeup, or not shaving their legs. Live and let live. Women are beautiful creatures that must stick together, now more than ever. I'm excited to be a part of something big. Being a female is empowering. I mean we push humans out of our bodies! There's nothing more badass than that.

My message for you is to embrace your beauty and love yourself. Whether you love to wear makeup or don't, or if you're like me and are in between, just do you. While you're at it, praise those around you for living their lives the way they want to instead of criticizing and hating. Take the time to evaluate and try to understand their views instead of pushing your own. Together we can build a more happy and healthy sisterhood. As for me, I am still on my journey as a woman, and I am looking forward to whatever life throws at me.

"For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone." - Audrey Hepburn

Cover Image Credit: Dia 777

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As a college student, it’s hard to stretch the buck. Especially when we have to pay tuition, books, even housing. So how can we make our money go far in college? Check out these items that you definitely need that are under $100.

1. Amazon Echo Dot

According to Amazon, this is a “Hands-free voice controlled device” that uses Alexa as a virtual assistant to do many things from checking the weather, learning about the news to making and receiving calls and playing music.

If you have any smart home technology, you can control them with the Amazon Echo. Perfect for those who live in the dorm and have a lot of things to do.

Most of the reviews rate the Amazon Echo Dot a 4.3 out of 5 stars. Customers were satisfied with what they got. In fact, it changed some customers' lives for the better. Some reviews mention the different ways they can use Alexa.

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This game can play up to 20 players but is NOT intended for children. Playtime usually lasts around 30 to 90 minutes.

Looking for a party game or something to pass time with your roommates? This game is perfect. Just open the box and start playing. Simple as that!

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This is not your typical how-to book. This book explains adulting in a way that even simple people would understand.

Most consumers who bought this book gave it a 3.9 out of five stars. Some people think people should already know how to do this stuff. Some other people say that it provides good advice, especially those who are moving out of their parents’ house.

This book is recommended for those who are 18-20 or looking to move out of their parents' house. Note: this book may not provide you with all the adulting advice you will need but will give you the basics.

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4. Seletti Submarino Bathroom Set

This product may not be the hot tech item of 2018, but for those who live in the dorms or are looking for some organization in their bathroom, this is the product for you.

This piece of Chinese bathroom essential is divided into four sections so you can organize to make it easier to clean. These sections include a toothbrush holder, gel dispenser, a large section for cotton balls and small box for hairbands (or whatever you want). As a bonus, there are magnets to keep the sections together.

There were not many reviews for this product, except for one, which says that it’s a great bathroom set. The magnets may come loose, but the product won’t lose its functionality. Overall, people rate it a 4.5 out of five stars, which is not bad for a piece of bathroom necessity.

This product sells for $79.80, which is not expected when thinking of a bathroom product. This product, however, comes in four different colors: red, yellow, blue and white.

This bathroom product is recommended for those who love organizing or are looking to save space in their dorm or apartment.

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This product can not only fold your clothes but also get it done fast and in three easy steps. You can fold your shirts, garments and other clothes with ease.

Not only that, this product can give you more space in your closet to organize while providing wrinkle-free folding. This product can be reused over and over again on various clothes from toddler to adult clothes.

Most of the reviews for this product rate this product a four out of five stars. Some reviews state that with this kids started to help out with laundry more. The only thing is that the board requires easy assembly and instructions on how to use it is not included (although it should be self-explanatory).

This product sells for $21.98 on Amazon. Although this product comes only in blue, there are similar products that have a variety of different colors to choose from.

This is great for those who are barely starting to live life as an adult or those who are looking for more organization for clothes.

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6. Artinova Wooden Office Desk Organizer

Looking for some organization while you study? Well, this is the product for you!

This handcrafted walnut box is a great decoration on your desk. It has a pen holder, a mini storage box, and a permanent calendar all in one to make your college life a bit easier. It includes a piece of velvet on the bottom to prevent the box from scratching.

Reviews for this product average about a 3.9 out of five stars. Some reviews stated that it may be smaller than expected but don’t take up a lot of room.

This is a good gift for those who work in an office like setting (aka teacher) or those who are in college and study a lot.

If you want to buy this product, click here.

7. SOLOOP Multifunctional LED Alarm Clock

Looking for an alarm clock that you can actually use? Well, this alarm clock takes it to a whole new level.

This multifunctional clock, comprised of an alarm clock, calendar, thermometer and a fluorescent memo board to write messages. This alarm clock comes with the ability to make three alarms, the ability to snooze, a stopwatch and a countdown function. The display can show the date, time and even temperature (Celsius and Fahrenheit) in a switchable slideshow format.

This product can run off of three AAA batteries (which is not included) or a USB cable. There are four USB ports so you can charge your phone at night as well as have it plugged in.

There are no reviews, but based on the product information I would give this a 3.5 out of five stars. It seems practical, and it looks awesome, but I’m not sure if it is practical enough for people to buy it.

This product is great as a gift for families, friends, lovers for birthdays, Christmas or any you would choose. This would also be great for those who looking to be organized in their college life.

If you want to buy this product, click here.

8. SABRE Red Kuros! Pepper Spray

Out in the streets, you never know what may happen. There may be strangers asking you for rides or even robbers trying to rob you. Well, this product can help protect yourself.

This pepper spray helps people who are in extreme situations and have nothing to help them in a convenient and portable way. Unlike other pepper spray brands, this spray provides maximum stopping power. It can spray up to 10 feet (three m) and 25 bursts in a powerful stream playback, all in a small quick release key ring. It does include a free training video to show you how to use it properly.

Customers reviews this product a 4.5 out of five stars. Some reasons that were stated is because it's safe but it's too big for a keychain. Note that the pepper spray can expire, so you may have to reorder if it expires or if you run out. Another review said that the lock and unlock button can move while you have it put away.

NOTE: This product is only for a self-defense only. Do not use it as a weapon.

This product sells for $9.99 on Amazon. It comes in light blue, pink and black.

If you want to buy this product, click here.

9. Master Lock Personal Safe

Are your roommates getting into your private stuff without your permission? Do you need a safe for it? Well, this is the product for you!

This small, yet convenient, safe can be used for small stuff like a phone, passports, cash, credit cards etc. This safe comes with a four-digit combo so that you don’t have to worry about losing a key. The durable design is constructed to be water resistant and to prevent damage to any items inside that may be fragile.

Customers who used this product rate this product a four out of five stars on Amazon. However, other customers say that it may break after a couple of uses or that it will not open, and that it is not a true safe.

This is for those who live with roommates and need to protect their private stuff like their credit and debit cards, passports, money etc. Just be cautious that it may break or not open.

This safe goes for $21.95 on Amazon. However, based on what color you get will vary the price. Colors include Black, Blue, Grey, Pink, Red and White.

If you want to buy this product, click here.

10. Kikkerland Bedside Caddy

Can’t find anything because it is hiding under the bed? Well, this caddy is the product for you!

This grey felt design with polystyrene is designed to hold magazines, glasses, phones, remotes and cords in one big pocket. It is actually pretty sturdy, especially between any mattresses.

Customers reviews for this product give this product a 4.6 out of five stars on Amazon. Customers say that it easy to reach, easy to set up and gets the job done.

Customers also say that the sides are too wide making the front panel to come more forward, and to have more pockets for separation. This product tends to get flimsy over time.

This product is for those who do a lot of homework on their bed and need a bit of organization but can’t afford a nightstand.

This product goes for $14.70 on Amazon.

If you would like to buy this product, click here.

11. Crock-Pot 2-QT Round Manual Slow Cooker, Black

Tired of cooking ramen all the time and ready to cook but don’t have anything to cook with. Do not fear, this crock pot is here to help you.

This two quart round manual slow cooker serves around three or more people. It includes various heating settings from low to high (it does not include a warm setting). It also includes a removable dishwasher safe insert with a dishwasher-safe lid. Plus, it comes with recipes!

Customers rated this product a 4.5 out of five stars. They say that its great for one to four people (typical dorm size). It’s easy to clean and generally used for smaller and quick meals.

However, other customers say that it was smaller than expected and that the product is not what was advertised. Some customers received their packages damaged or broken.

This product is for those who love to cook on a budget or are just tired of eating ramen every day and can’t afford a meal plan.

If you would like to buy this product, click here.

As a college student, you can get these awesome and useful products for a great deal plus free shipping with Amazon Prime. You get access to Amazon Prime Video and Prime Reading. Plus you can get free unlimited photo storage with Prime Photos. To learn more, click here
Cover Image Credit: Amazon / Instagram

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When You're Running Late, These 4 Makeup Looks Will Save Your Life

You have to leave in 5 minutes, what do you do?

Let me set the scene for you:

Your alarm goes off at 7 am and you have class at 8 am. This is the perfect amount of time to get dressed, your stuff together, and make your face look cute. How about you just close your eyes for 10 more minutes? After all, you may have enough time, but you're also very tired.

Fast forward, you end up not hitting snooze and you sleep in 30 more minutes and you have to leave your dorm at 7:50 am at the absolute latest. What do you do now?

Here are 3 looks for when you're running late to class:

1. 20 minutes remaining.

With this amount of time, you have time to focus on the details like eyebrows, blush, and contour. To start, put on your usual foundation (if you wear makeup daily), or to save even more time and if you're a beginner; I recommend using a BB cream.

BB cream feels lighter on the skin and you can wear it either by itself or layer the rest of your makeup on it. Next, add blush on the apples of your cheeks to bring color back into your face. For eyes, I recommend putting a light wash of color on your eyelids and lining your eyes with any eyeliner you are comfortable with. Also, lightly define your brows if you feel necessary.

To finish the look off, put on a light coat of either a lip gloss or lip balm.

2. 10 minutes remaining.

Okay, there's less time, but you'll be fine! To start, I would go directly into the BB cream on your face and put translucent powder over it, that way you can still see some natural color on your face.

Next, you can fill in your eyebrows if you do that normally. Then, you can line your eyes with eyeliner across your natural lash line and put mascara on your eyes.

Finish it off with some lip balm.

3. 5 minutes remaining.

Now there's even LESS time. Again, don't panic. What I typically do at this point, I ditch face makeup and just line my eyes and put on mascara. If I have any spare time, I'll put on lip balm, lip gloss, or lipstick on.

4. 0 minutes remaining.

If you feel like you need it, put on a little bit of mascara to make you look more awake and head out the door to slay your day.

But remember, you don't need makeup. It's fun yet you don't need it.

After all, you woke up like this...flawless.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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