10 Items To Have In A Hangover Kit

The night of your 21st birthday is special- it is one night spent with good friends, new experiences, and of course, a lot of alcohol consumption.

Turning 21 is incredibly exciting because it is the beginning of a new journey in your life. You can legally purchase alcohol, and never have to worry again about finding a good fake ID to use to get into the best bar in town. It is one single night where it is socially acceptable to do ridiculous things, and maybe get yourself into a little bit of trouble.

However, as a best friend, it is incredibly important to take care of the birthday girl and make sure they have whatever they need into order to cure any hangover scaries the next day. Preparing a small basket of little things they can use to cure the hangover they are about to face, and help them remember the craziness of what went down the night before.

1. Most important- ADVIL

If you are smart, Advil is the first thing you would put in a hangover basket for the birthday girl. Honestly, any type of headache relief will be perfect...she's gonna need it. Waking up to a nice bottle of water and Advil on the bedside table the next morning is incredibly reassuring that the sharp pain in her head won't last forever. How else are they going to get rid of the ridiculous hangover they somehow got!?

2. Gatorade (or water...but Gatorade is better)

Although it's important to stay hydrated with water the day after your 21st birthday, Gatorade is the next best choice. However, make sure you buy the right color! If your best friend is like me, I absolutely NEED the ice blue Gatorade and would never accept anything else. Put two or three bottles of her favorite flavor of Gatorade or water to make sure your bestie stays super hydrated the next day.

3. Snacks, and lots of em'

If your friend is feeling ready to throw up everything that was consumed from the night before, some small light snacks like a bag or pretzels, or goldfish, are perfect to throw into any kit. They are easy to get down when they are feeling nauseous, and not too filling either.

4. Dry shampoo for that hungover bed head 

She is hungover, late to class, and looking like an absolute mess. What better product than a small bottle of dry shampoo to make sure her hair looks effortlessly perfect for the class she almost slept through?

5. Perfume

I may have mentioned her hair was a mess, but what about that smell... When she doesn't don't have enough time to take a quick shower (you already know she won't) and she reeks of vodka, perfume will be her new best friend. Sorry, you might feel a little replaced! This is a perfect give to give the birthday girl so that they feel somewhat refreshed the next day.

6. Make-up wipes

Your best friend is most likely running frantically the next morning with half their make-up from the night before running down their face. Provide some of their favorite make-up wipes, and a lot of them, and she will thank you later.

7. Hair ties or scrunchies

Let's be honest, that hair is only making it into a ponytail and through a hat that covers every part of their hair and face. Hair ties and scrunchies are something that every girl has over 1,000 of, but consistently loses. Provide some extra strong black hair ties in a basket for the birthday girl and they will be set for the next month.

8. Pictures from the night before

Although this might not cure her hangover, this will help her remember everything that occurred that she may have already forgotten. Print out some of your favorite photographs of her drunk in her favorite bar of the night, and she will without a doubt not remember a single moment of it. This is a great way to incorporate some humor and fun into your basket, and remind her that the night of her 21st birthday was truly a blast.

9. Chapstick

No chapped lips for the birthday girl! Chapstick is a perfect gift to add into a basket for someone who needs to keep their lips extra moisturized after a long night of drinking.

10. Lastly, more alcohol

Realistically, what cures more hangovers than alcohol itself? A bottle of your best friends favorite wine or hard liquor is a perfect gift to add, and maybe eventually, they will be able to drink once they've ridden the hangover from the night before.

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