Life Really Does Get Better
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Life Really Does Get Better

How I learned to be happy again.

Life Really Does Get Better
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I honestly have no idea where your mind is at in this current moment. Yes, you could be incredibly happy and on top of the world, but not everyone is so joyful. Did you know that just five months ago I was borderline depressed and riddled with anxiety?

Around April through May, I was terribly anxious all the time. I wouldn't leave my mom's side and I could barely think about the future without panicking. The feeling of the unknown consumed me and terrified me to my core. Nights were spent on the floor beside my mom and the minute she moved, I would be wide awake. I was constantly sick so I spent days barely eating anything.

Honestly, if you would've asked me what life was like for me in the next year, this would've been my answer. "I don't know and I don't want to know." I wasn't suicidal, but I was too scared to comprehend that life could be anything but scary.

First, I got a job. This seems as if it will be very negative for an antisocial, anxious teenager. My job forced me to get out of the house. Without it, I would've laid on the couch feeling miserable for days on end. Instead, I was interacting and being social. It gave me a reason to get up and move around.

Then, I went to therapy. I found a therapist that understood my thoughts and I worked on them once a week. I was diagnosed with PTSD and panic disorder. Not to mention, I learned how to manage it on my own. My life became breathing techniques and uplifting thoughts in just a few short weeks. I finally had answers to my problems.

I went to college next. Moving away from home can be horribly lonely, or it can be the best decision ever. I learned to establish my faith, make friends, and take care of myself all on my own. Moving away from home helped me get out of my comfort zone and start all over.

I am in a very amazing relationship. I am dating someone who makes me feel strong and important. He is understanding when it comes to my anxiety and is always there to support me when my anxiety rears its ugly head. I thank God every day for him.

In a little over five months, I realized that I was finally happy again. Let me be very clear, you have to work for your happiness. I didn't get back to my happy self by sitting around. I chose to get off the couch and make an effort to be the person that I missed. Little did I know, I would bounce by ten times stronger.

Pick your head up and know that it really does get better. Life will not always be that way. I used to think it would until the world shifted in my favor. God has a plan for your life and it is magnificent. You may be climbing mountains now, but wait until you see the view. It will be worth it.

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