Is South Africa On The Verge Of Genocide?
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Is South Africa On The Verge Of Genocide?

With attacks on the country's white minority, many are predicting a turn for the worse.

Is South Africa On The Verge Of Genocide?

When Nelson Mandela became the first black president of South Africa, he had hopes of ensuring that this country, finally throwing off the chains of apartheid, would become a "rainbow nation," home to several different ethnic and racial groups living peacefully among each other. Yet today, that concept of tolerance is under threat.

Throughout South Africa, many of the country's white minority make a living off of farming and control around 72 percent of all farmland. However, many in the country have come to perceive this as unfair, including the government of South Africa, who’s parliament recently approved a bill that allowed the confiscation of land owned by whites without compensation. What has resulted from this has been a series of violent attacks on white landowners, which consist of gruesome murders, rapes, and torture. The government stands aside, letting it all happen.

So far, the attacks haven’t been occurring on a massive scale: last year around 340 attacks total occurred. Yet the signs point towards the attacks intensifying, with an actual genocide brewing in the not to distant future. Julius Malema, head of the Economic Freedom Fighters party, once declared that “we are not calling for the slaughter of white people, at least for now.” In addition, members of the African National Congress, once the party of Nelson Mandela, once sang a song titled “Kill the Boer,” another term for South Africa’s white minority, several years ago, as if predicitng the path the country was about to take.

As of right now, the world has turned a blind eye to this crisis, with much of the reporting being limited to smaller newspaper or youtuber Lauren Southern Yet the world needs to hear the voices of the victims of these attacks and the chants of South Africa’s political leaders before this crisis escalates into something much, much worse.

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