Is It Time For Civil Unrest?
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Is It Time For Civil Unrest?

Should we get violent?

Is It Time For Civil Unrest?

It has only been a little over a week since his inauguration, and Trump's constant abuse of executive orders has turn this country into a mess. From advancing both the Keystone Pipeline XL and North Dakota Pipeline to silencing scientist to banning Muslims into the country, his actions are seen as dangerous and cowardly, and those of a dictator.

As a result, people are gathering together to peacefully protest and fight against the evil that looms in the White House. However, no matter how large in numbers the protests accumulate and how accurate the facts are, Republicans and his lackey, Donald Trump, are massively delusional and ignorant. They are shown lacking in conscience and without hesitation or care.

It made me question how effective these protests are, and made me wonder if being forceful is now necessary.

I know many of us want to get a little bit violent because of Trump and his administrations' actions, but we also believe that going down that path means we are stooping low. It is not what Michelle Obama wanted. We become hesitant.

Despite what she said, the United States of America is no stranger at all to violent protests and unrest. From the Whiskey Rebellion to the aftermath of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assassination riots to the Stonewall riots to the L.A. Rodney King riots to the Ferguson unrest to the NAPL protests, these events have shown to give an impact on people and politics.

In my opinion, one moment of violence in a peaceful protest could accelerate some progress. The people we are fighting against do not have conscience about the issues we believe in, nor do they care about us. In other words, how do we fight against the people who literally do not have a conscience about morality? How do we fight if they are ignoring us? These so-called politicians believe their actions are justified, so why would they change?

I believe in order to give them a piece of mind and make them think for a bit, some sort of violence and civil unrest needs to occur. If that were to occur, then these politicians would take notice. They would criticize us, but it would stick in their minds.

On the other hand, sacrifices are needed to be made if that were to happen. Many cons play a role in civil unrest. For one, it is punishment. Civil unrest protesters can go prison for disturbance, vandalism, and violence which could mess up their careers and futures. City officials would order a shutdown on electricity and water as punishment. People, who are not partaking in these situations, can be caught up in the crossfire.

However, what is even worse is that because we are protesting against this so-called president, Trump can abuse his power and declare martial law. It will give him powers of a wartime president and suspend habeas corpus. He can bring the Feds and military to "control" the crowd. These violent occurrence may extremely backfire and give Trump and Republicans more power than ever. We have seen something similar in the Philippines where President Ferdinand Marcos declared Martial Law, and he stayed in power for nearly 20 years.

We really do not have the firepower to fight against martial law, and we do not want Trump in power for a long time. We do have four years, but we are terrified with the fact that these four years could do so much damage in the long run.

To answer my doubts and questions, even though violence and civil unrest could advance some progress in our protests, it is not necessary to go down that path. In other word, no.

What we must do is to trust the law for now. I am not talking about the laws that destroy our liberties and freedom, but the laws that can fight against Trump. What Trump and his administrations are doing can be viewed as illegal, unconstitutional, and dangerous. With the recent ban on Muslims by Trump, federal judges and courts from all over have stepped up to limit and block his order. Many groups, such as American Civil Liberties Union, have filed lawsuits against Trump.

If this keeps up, Donald Trump AND his administration will be have to face many lawsuits and possible impeachment.

Keep the peaceful protests up, and let the lawsuits come in. We can win this!

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