8 Irritating Types Of Customers Cashiers Deal With
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8 Irritating Types Of Customers Cashiers Deal With

These types of customers drive every cashier absolutely insane.

8 Irritating Types Of Customers Cashiers Deal With

Although I haven't been a cashier for very long, I already feel qualified to complain about the many agitating things that happen to me on a regular basis. Beware: I may be describing you, and if I am, please take this as a sign to stop acting like an idiot.

1. Children spinning the turnstile..

Kids are annoying enough, honestly; however, they become even worse when their parents let them act however they please. The number one issue with bratty children is that they always feel the urge to spin the turnstile AS I'M BAGGING ITEMS!!! I have held my full weight against the turnstile as a kid tries to spin it more times than I could even tell you, and it's never cute or amusing. It's always annoying.

2. Adults spinning the turnstile

I'm praying that most of you read that and questioned if grown people really were that annoying. While the number is far less significant than that of children, there are still a vast number of adults who spin the turnstile as well. They don't do it as a continuous thing to keep them entertained, so it's slightly less annoying, until the complaints about how few items are in each bag start coming.. I WAS TRYING TO EFFECTIVELY BAG YOUR ITEMS, BUT YOU WOULDN'T LET ME, SO SUCK IT.

3. People who don't unload the bags from the turnstile

There are only so many bags I can fill before I literally cannot do it anymore. There is only so much space; I can't create more out of thin air! I will never understand why people stand and stare at their bags being filled or are so distracted that they don't even realize that the million and two groceries they're buying MAY need to be loaded into a cart at some point. Maybe it is expected of me to load these bags for them for whatever reason. I'm really not sure what goes through these people's heads.. I just know I can't stand them.

4. "I need you to double bag EVERYTHING"

I get it, you don't want your bags to rip and spill everywhere. I've been there. The simple fact is that not everything needs to be double bagged! If the items are not heavy or don't pose a risk of ripping the bag, I really don't understand the point of adding an extra bag. It isn't the amount of effort it takes that bothers me, because it barely takes any; it just doesn't make logical sense to me.

5. "Make sure you bag my cold and dry things separately"

Really? I understand that some cashiers may not be the brightest crayons in the box, but I'm not an idiot, and I do somewhat care about some of the people who come through my line. I'm not going to haphazardly throw all of your items into each bag.. unless you really piss me off.

6. People who toss their stuff onto the conveyor belt

If you want your things bagged separately so badly, maybe you should make a half assed effort to load it onto the conveyor belt properly. If your bleach, raw meat, produce, and crackers are already piled up on top of each other, I'm going to assume that you don't care about how I bag your items. I don't expect you to perfectly organize your items for me, but use a little bit of sense when loading everything up there at least. You can't complain if you make it physically impossible for me to properly bag your items.

7. Talking on the phone the whole time

You cannot possibly hear the things I'm telling you or the questions I'm asking you when you're gabbing away to Betty about your boyfriend cheating on you. It's really not difficult to utter the words, "hey, one second, I'm checking out," or "I'll call you back." You are the same people who either don't load your groceries or try to before I'm done bagging what I'm in the middle of bagging.

8. Attitude for no reason

I feel that this one should be a given, but apparently not. Don't take your personal problems out on someone who literally is not relevant to anything other than bagging your groceries.

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