Everyone is scared of something, whether it be a legitimate fear, an irrational fear, or a straight up phobia. A lot of us are scared of things that can actually happen to people, or scared of things that may have happened from a personal experience. However, a lot of us have completely irrational fears of things that are unlikely to happen at all. What's funny is that a lot of our irrational fears seem to be pretty similar with other peoples fears. Listed below are some of the most common irrational fears that I think a lot of us can't help but have.

Leaping to your bed to avoid your ankle being caught by the monster underneath it.
Also not being able to sleep with any limbs hanging over the bed (that damn monster again).

I mean come on. Y'all know good and well what I'm talking about here. Do I really even need to explain this one?

Not being safe if you're not under the covers.

It's protocol. When you're under the covers murderers can't kill you, ghosts and monsters can't scare you, and you're invincible.

Running up the stairs after you turn off the light.

I'm not really sure what scares me so much about this. I just know that as soon as I'm turning out that kitchen light, my ass is bolting up those stairs like my life depends on it. I think it's mostly that I think something is going to chase me up the stairs from the darkness.

Thinking there is a murderer behind your closed shower curtain (thanks AHS).

I never really had this as a fear until I saw the "Here, Mr. Piggy" episode of American Horror Story (season one). After that, every time I'm in a bathroom with a shower curtain, even if it's not my house, I have to pull that shower curtain back, knowing full and well that I am risking my life, as there very well might be a murderer on the other side of it.

Closet doors that aren't closed all the way.

I'm pretty sure this is a scene in like 50% of horror movies. Whether it be a hand that curls around the door from the inside, someone in there watching you, the closet door suddenly slamming shut by itself, or someone/something busting out of there and hurdling toward you at full speed (probably to kill you), this is a no-no for me.

Thinking your car will fly off the bridge and you'll drown in it.

So you're on the bridge. A car in front of you stops suddenly and you swerve....you swerve right off the bridge. Or maybe somehow the bridge collapses. Or whatever. Your car lands in the water. You can't open the doors or bust through any of the windows. Suddenly your car starts to fill up with water. Oh no! You drown. BAM! End of Story.

That you'll see someone standing outside one of your windows when you walk through your house.

Every night that I go to take my dog out to use the bathroom, I get scared shitless thinking I'm going to see a face outside the kitchen window staring in at me. It makes me seriously contemplate how much I love my dog and if I'm actually going to take him outside.

The delivery man at the door is a murderer.

I'm sitting on the couch. The doorbell rings. I freeze in my spot. "This is it", I say to myself, "This is how you die, Alex". Obviously the person at the door is there to kill me and is probably ringing the doorbell to play mind tricks with me....even though I know there was a package scheduled to be delivered today.

Thinking you'll see someone in the back seat of your car when you look through your rear-view mirror.

Maybe I've seen one too many movies where this has happened. Even though I check my backseats before I get into my car, I still imagine driving down the road, checking my mirror, and having someone in the backseat be staring back at me.

Wondering if the cook/waitress or waiter/fast food person spit in your food (especially if you made them mad).

This is something that I really only get worried with if somehow the fast food person is in a bad mood, or if I somehow upset the waiter or waitress, or even the cook (i.e. sending back an order). I realize that they have complete control over my food and could hack a loogie into that dish at any moment. Even though that is HIGHLY unlikely to happen, I can't help but be scared of it.

That any dolls in your room will come alive in the night like Chucky.

Any doll my mother or grandmother has ever bought me is packed away (sealed in a box) in my attic. There is no way in HELL I'm letting those things sit in my room so they can come alive at night and kill me. Thanks grandma, but maybe a nice book next time.

That someone will be standing behind you when you look in the mirror.

I blame the movie Oculus for this one, personally. I think we can all relate to the feeling of thinking someone is going to be standing behind us, or maybe that our reflection on the other side of the mirror will move even if we haven't.