If you are looking to grow as a photographer, I would highly recommend investing in yourself.

Invest in a nice camera. It is very vital to the start of your hobby or career. the definition of a "nice" camera changes person to person though. the more you get into cameras the more you'll always see a "nicer" camera than yours, but that is totally ok. As long as you are happy with your camera and its ability to shoot, you'll do fine in the industry.

The nest thing you should invest in is LIGHTROOM (Classic). It is so important that you learn to edit! The thing that takes simple photography to the next level is editing.

before and after using lightroom

Lightroom cost $10 a month and includes all of adobe's apps. It is completely worth investing in.

Lastly, remember to invest in yourself. Remember to push yourself to grow and build on previous knowledge.

You got this.

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