Introvert or Extrovert? Pick a Side or Risk Everything
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Introvert or Extrovert? Pick a Side or Risk Everything

The Re-Awakening of One's True Personality

Introvert or Extrovert? Pick a Side or Risk Everything

In fairness, I lack complacency in the modern age. At least that is what I tell myself. The common narrative surrounding introverted thinkers is that quietness and compliance are the suggested course of action in the social realm. With extroverts, the counter is expected; energetic personalities are responsible for igniting social cues and leading the pack. Society unfolds itself in this discretion- and it always has. But what happens when someone is steering on the middle road? A quiet person itching for a sense of leadership or an exuberant individual longing for a social release. Do we dare override the imposed social matrix with this ambiguous idea?

I am convinced that all people assume some sort of multifaceted personality, whether it be mostly introverted or mostly extroverted, but never an extremity. Happening alongside an introverted mind are extroverted tendencies and vice versa. So for society to expect unquestioning conformity to "side introvert" or "side extrovert", is unfair to anyone, really.

Because of the predisposition placed upon "middle of the road" individuals, I slowly lose the feeling of rationality in the social matrix. Is everything already systematically mapped out for introverted and extroverted thinkers? How many times in my life have I withheld extroverted urges for the sake of remaining inside the introverted lines? It makes me wonder how fake my life really is.

A proposition to embrace social ambiguity may contribute to healthier societal norms by working from the ground up. That is, teaching children and adolescents to grow in a more well-rounded manner may beneficially influence upcoming generation's views on normality's. With "normality's", I use the word rather loosely. So as to dampen any attempt of discrediting my argument, I must state that the definition of a subjective term, such as this, is ever-so dynamic.

To embrace the hybrid personality, realize that personalities are never static and do evolve with time, environment, and culture, among other factors. Meaning, personalities are subject to change because they are never one-sided.

In order to redefine normality, we rely on a culture shift of which may be deemed doubtful. As with various instances of cultural-shifting propositions, society as a whole must change. To say that this is a difficult feat is a dramatic understatement. Arduous as it appears, America maintains a chance in evolving into a socially-accepting environment, but the road is long and we travel slow.

Let us begin the movement by redefining our exposed personalities. Rather than the externalized representations of society-conforming traits, re-adapting to our actual feelings and emotions loosens our tie to false behaviors.

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