Poetry On Odyssey: 'Intimate,' Part Two

The first article that featured my poetry was an excerpt from a small collection I published. I've created articles about other poems of mine since then, but "Intimate" will always hold a special place in my heart.

I wrote these poems when I was 19 and working through so many beautiful but draining emotions. Esteem, sex, relationships, and the body are central themes.

I hold firm the belief that writing is healing.


Thrusting, sweat drips down

Gliding fingers trace my arches

Erupt together


Inhale me deeply

Breathe in my scent, suck my taste

Exhale my pleasure


I want it to hurt

I want it lullaby sweet

Choke me/caress me


Do you enjoy me?

Is this body pleasing you?

Don’t try to lift me

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