Stephanie Perry Moore, author of the Payton Skky series along with 70+ other middle grade books, spoke on her inspiration, background, and how she deals with.

Her middle grade books include:

1. "You are here"
2. "Morgan Love Series"
3. "Carmen Browne Series"
4. "Alec London Series"

Her teen books are:

1. "The Sharp Sisters Series"
2. 'Yasmin Peace Series"
3. "Payton Skky Series"
4. "Laurel Shadrach Series"
5. "The Perry Skky Series"
6. "Lockwood Lions"

Adult books include:

1. "Beta Gamma Pi Series"
2. "Flame"
3. "A Lova’ Like No Otha’"
4. "Chasing Faith"
5. "Wearing My Halo Tilted'