Janterm, Winterterm, Interterm - whatever you may call it, is probably the best part of the entire school year. It's not mandatory, but who wouldn't want to partake in the amazingness that is Interterm? If you've never experienced this glorious month, it goes a little something like this...

You come back from Winter Break, excited to see all of your friends again

And you realize that the regular semester doesn't start for another month

So you start to believe Interterm is going to be the time of your life

But then you get to your first day of class, and it's going to be a lot more work than you expected

However, time passes, you catch up with the fast pace, and things end up being not so difficult.

Plus, there are a bunch of cuties in your class, so they at least make class more interesting.

When you're not working your butt off, you realize how much free time you have to spend hanging out with your friends!

And more time to snack, too!

After squeezing in a quick weekend road trip/vacation with your buddies.

The final test creeps upon you, which makes you freak out.

But then you SLAY that final and pass the class!

And even though interterm may have come to an end, you couldn't imagine going to college without it, and can't wait for interterm next year!

All gifs are from http://giphy.com/