The summer is going by so fast and summer interns are well into their jobs. That job you spent thinking hard and long about is in full swing. Regardless of what your job is, there are some things and feelings all interns share. Can you relate to the following?

What they say: “Hi! My name is ______, it’s nice to meet you.”

What you think: It’s going to take me weeks to remember everyone’s name.

What you say: “I’m ___, nice to meet you too!”

What they say: “and this will be your desk and computer; feel free to organize your cubicle any way you want!”

What you think: Well, I guess this is what the next 40 years of my life to look like.

What you say: “Oh wow, this is no nice!”

What they say: “On Fridays we like to be casual.”

What you think: So, what I would wear as a nice outfit as school. Got it.

What you say: “Great, that is so cool that you do that here.”

What they say: “This summer we are going to have you update our records, files and database. Ideally, we’d like to have all of our information on the shared drive on the computer.”

What you think: Another filing project… so this is what I am going to college for…

What you say: “I can do that, I’m a really organized person.”

What they say: Would you be willing to run some errands for me?

What you think: Yes! Field trip, and I can make money off of mileage reimbursement. Best day ever.

What you say: “Sure no problem.”

What they say: “Here are all the materials. We need to make 300 packets.”

What you think: I’m going to make a game out of this. Let’s play how fast I can put together 300 packets. I wonder if there is a world record for this, because I’m about ready to break it.

What you say: “Certainly!”

What they say: “We are going out to lunch. Want to come?”

What you think: Again? I don’t have the money to do this all the time!

What you say: “Sound’s fun! Where are we going?”

As an intern, you get the opportunity to get some great experience. My internship this summer has been an incredible time. However, every job at any level has some tasks and moments like the ones above, especially if you’re just starting out. We all go through it. Some days are always going to be more exciting than others but that is alright. Besides, this will look great on that resume!