#BeBoldForChange and Celebrate International Women's Day
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#BeBoldForChange and Celebrate International Women's Day

International Women's Day is THIS Wednesday, so #BeBoldForChange and make a woman's voice be heard!

#BeBoldForChange and Celebrate International Women's Day

International Women's Day 2017's (IWD) theme is "Be Bold For Change," so that women everywhere don't have to wait for the year 2186 in order to receive equal pay, as the most recent study by the World Economic Forum predicts. But on top of the global wage gap, be bold for a change so that women can have affordable access to quality healthcare, receive justice for rape and sexual assault, and not be silenced in a courtroom either. Truly, International Women's Day is about letting a woman's voice be heard in society—no more silence from us.

For these reasons and more, women are planning a strike this Wednesday, March 8th. Much like on the Day Without Immigrants a few weeks ago, women will not be working or shopping on IWD so that society will realize: without women, we lose a large percentage of our strength, intelligence, and daily support. The closings on the Day Without Immigrants definitely made an impact, so it's fair to assume March 8th will too.

However, if you cannot afford to miss work, there are a number of other actons you can take to be bold for a change. Adopt the strike's fundamental message of empowerment and take part in an event near you (or even create one) or support organizations that bring attention to women's reproductive rights, education, and shelters for victims of violence and abuse, etc. You can even use your voice to speak up about women of color and those within the LGBTQ+ community.

The official organization behind International Women's Day even say that sharing the message through your social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.). They encourage their logo, images of you and your frends with your hands together, and any images of positive women empowerment. As you do so, why not learn something new too? There are dozens of issues that women face today, from transgender discrimination to race discrimination to business discrimination. Read about a woman's life that is unlike your own.

You can begin at the IWD's official website, which can link you to various resources. Then branch out and purchase art, literature, and other projects made by women. Read feminism works. Support your fellow woman.

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