No matter if you’re going college, or starting out as a freshman in a new world, stress is bound to hit you as you think about all the school work, the extracurricular activities and the job you might have to work at during your “free time,” if that’s really a thing. I know for one, I am always running around the first few weeks of school, getting to know where my classes and activities are held each day and just getting in the swing of things again after a too short summer.

As move in day comes up, and your time is spend printing out your schedule for the fall and picking up the latest trend of book bags, don’t let your mind wander to all the things you’re going to have to do. Instead, spend your last week of summer wisely, and think of the things you can do between stressing about a full 18 credit coarse load.


I know as college students we do way to much writing already. But sometimes it helps to write down what emotions you are feeling, such as stress and exhaustion, and write about why you are feeling that and ways to combat this feeling when it arises. I have been journaling for about eight months now, and it really helps for me to have an outlet for all my feelings from the day, and even find a quote that reflects what I'm experiencing on that exact day.

Watch some TV or Read a Book:

Busy. That’s the only word that fully encompasses what my semester looks like. I feel like I have class all day every day, and even when I'm not in class, I have classes to study for, club meetings to attend and somehow, fit sleep into my day. So my goal is to get a little me time in there. Chaos is going to happen whether you plan it or not, so take a few minutes for yourself when you can. Turn on the tv, watch an episode, repeat if you really have the time, and then turn it off and begin the actual work that needs done. Sometimes you just need to relax and have fun so you can focus on the studies that warrant your attention.

Talk with your Friends/Roommates:

My roommate and I have total opposite schedules and majors, and sometimes it feels like we have to pencil time to talk and hang out with each other in. But you can’t let school completely talk over. It can be beneficial for you to talk with a friend. Let each other vent about your day, that test that you are sure you bombed, the cute boy that looked at you in the cafeteria and the teacher you know has it out for you.

Call Home:

When the overwhelming feelings arise and you feel like the world is ending, pull out the phone and call home. I can personally attest to the help that a phone call home can do. I call my mom on my way to and from class, when I don’t have anyone to eat lunch with and even when I just need to hear her voice to calm me down. A phone call with those you love can help make the worries and fears of school a little less stressful, and a little more achievable.