The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a personality inventory that categorizes everyone into 16 different personality types. Each personality is based off a 4 letter code with each letter meaning something different. For example, 4.4% of the U.S. population, including myself, are categorized as an INFP.

But what makes someone in INFP? Let's break it down a bit. Each person falls into 1 of the 2 options for each category.

Introversion vs. Extroversion

Intuition vs. Sensing

Thinking vs. Feeling

Judging vs. Perceiving

So, if you're an INFP you are more likely to be introverted, intuitive, feeling orientated, and more perceiving.

A few well-known INFP's are William Shakespeare, Alicia Keys, Tom Hiddleston.

It's no surprise that I fall into the INFP group and that I am more in tune with my creative side since INFPs tend to use their intuitive personality to look at everything from multiple perspectives. This allows us to take make subtopics and link them into one whole idea. IFNPs are also incredibly passionate about everything they do. If something ignites a spark in them then they take it and run.

While creativity and passion may seem like excellent traits and usually are, INFPs are also experts at taking their ideas and blowing them up past reasonable expectations. Often times that can lead to discouragement because INFPs have a tendency to dig in when it comes to projects and when they fail it can seem even more discouraging to them than other personalities types. Most things INFPs take personally and failure one of those.