10 Indie Releases of This Year You Need on Your Playlist

I'm always searching for new music. It's basically a hobby of mine to dig through Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, and other social media just to find new groups and artists to listen to. It's a lot of fun when I can recommend my friends new music that they haven't heard before, especially when I feel like the musician deserves a bigger audience than they have. That being said, I decided to compile a short list of some of my favorite releases within the indie rock genre this year - because music is even sweeter when you have people to share it with, and friends don't let friends miss out on good tunes.

1. "Phase Change EP" by Possible Oceans

Lost in the Manor

Song I love: Throw the Knife

2. "POST-" by Jeff Rosenstock

Baeble Music

Song I love: 9/10

3. "Everyone's Invited" by Sports


Song I love: Be Like Me

4. "Numbskull" by The Band Ice Cream


Song I love: Line #9

5. "Superclean, Vol. II" by The Marias

Verge Campus

Song I love: Over the Moon

6. "Battle Fatigued" by Sur Une Plage


Song I love: SVP

7. "Hypochondriac" by The Frights


Song I love: No Place Like (Not Being) Home

8. "Vessel" by Frankie Cosmos


Song I love: As Often as I Can

9. "Haze" by The Shacks


Song I love: Sand Song

10. "Bambi" by Hippo Campus 

Chicago Maroon

Song I love: Golden

11. The Honeysticks EP by The Honeysticks


Song I love: I Don't Love You Anymore

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