On Cloud 9 In The '31Heaven'
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Student Life

On Cloud 9 In The '31Heaven'

Just having moved back to college, I'm getting a little nostalgic about leaving my hometown behind and all of the wonderful things that come with it.

On Cloud 9 In The '31Heaven'

What makes home... home? Everyone has those few special things that come to mind when they think of their hometown and where they grew up. Whether it's always coming back to the familiar and memory-filled street you lived on, the park where you spent all your summers or the best stores and restaurants in the country (no matter what anyone else says), your hometown will always have a special place in your heart.

Indy, Indianapolis, Naptown, the 317 or the 31Heaven is the place so significant to me. Born and raised, I've lived there my entire life. And there's just something about it that always draws me back. I have quite the plan to move back to Indy after college and after I've lived somewhere different for awhile. I already know that I'll experience a new place, but just want to return to my true home. I'll buy the cutest house I can find in the Meridian Kessler neighborhood, where I'll be right around everything fun and exciting that's happening. The Meridian Kessler, or MK neighborhood of Indianapolis is such a happy place. Each house has so much character, no matter the shape or size. It's full of life, with parents walking their kids to school every morning, or families ending the day with nice evening walks around the block or to get ice cream. I really just love the community, neighbors being friendly and comfortable enough to show up at each other's doorstep whenever and for whatever reason. The MK is a real gem of Indy.

The next best thing about the MK is that it's centered near everything there is to do in Indy. There's the Indiana Museum of Art that's appealing to all people, in my opinion, not just art lovers. The 100 acres surrounding the museum is a wonderful place to spend a sunny day, walking, picnicking, or just enjoying the outdoors. There's so many beautiful parks and outdoor centers in Indy, and I love going to all of them. Then there's Broadripple, an artsy and fun shopping and eating center that I never get tired of going to. There are always new restaurants to try and shops to check out that fit everyone's likes and dislikes. I never don't have anything to do because there is always fun to be found in Brip. And of course there's downtown Indy. Downtown Indy fascinates me because it's always changing and growing. Mass Ave in particular is a great stretch of shops and restaurants that are unique. You can try Bru Burger Bar, a personal favorite of mine and a great burger joint, or visit Silver in the City, the cutest trinket shop ever. Something is always happening on Mass Ave., and a great area to visit for a fun day or night out. Downtown Indy hosts the exciting Indy 11 games. There's nothing quite like standing in the section behind the goal where all of the chants are started and red and blue powder is thrown whenever the team scores. And of course you can't go wrong visiting Monument Circle. I love during Christmas time when the monument becomes a Christmas tree, and there's caroling and reindeer. I also love Christmas time at the Indianapolis Zoo; I won't ever get tired of the amazing light decorations at Christmas at the Zoo, or seeing the animals all festive. I really could go on and on about all the great things about Indy, but there's really just one thing why Indy is so special to me:

Indy is my home.

I made my first friends in Indy, I graduated high school there and got my first job. I grew up in Indy and there will never be another place that I can relate to like that. Everything there is special to me and always will be.

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