20 Things Incoming Doane Freshmen Should Know
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Student Life

20 Things Incoming Doane Freshmen Should Know

We've got you covered.

20 Things Incoming Doane Freshmen Should Know

Are you an incoming freshman? Are you clicking on this article because it has the word Doane in it? Are you curious what we think freshmen should know? Are you not even sure why you are reading this? Well then, welcome to a list of 20 things Jenn and Ashley think are necessary for your first year here at Doane.

*Ashley wrote the odd numbers because she's odd, and Jenn wrote the even because she's cool and collected. [Ashley wrote this, she's just as cool or cooler in my book of Jenn things.]

1. Everyone is nervous, and if they aren't they are a robot and you should be worried that artificial intelligence is finally upon us.

Whether it is leaving home, finances, classes, activities, leaving their beloved high-school sweetheart or just the fact that college is a new step, you can bet that everyone is feeling some jitters.

2. Don't stress over little things.

So what someone thinks your laugh is annoying? Laugh anyway! It is not worth your time (and the money being spent) to try to please everyone. Enjoy your time and do what you came to do -- make memories and get that degree.

3. If you take a class ONLY because it's a known easy A and you don't have to take it -- don't.

I know it can seem appealing to pad your GPA with easy As, but while that was beneficial in high school it can be detrimental in college. By all means, expand your horizons and take classes you may not have to, justdon't take classes just to get an A. You're paying to be here and with nobody to make sure you're going to classes that easy A can become a D very quickly.

4. It's okay to miss home/go home.

For goodness sake, a few months ago you were having to raise your hand to go to the bathroom and now you're thrown into this whole new world (yes, please break out into song, it's cool in college.) The transition can be tough, do what you need to do.

BONUS: Make friends with out-of-staters. They obviously can't go home because it costs like a trillion dollars that they don't have because it's being spent on school. Be nice, invite them home with ya!

5. Go to club, major, travel abroad, and career fairs. Go to all the fairs.

Why? Because you can network, yo! It's important to start talking to Doane staff and other students so you can get to know what groups and departments interest you.

6. Keep a stash of meal type foods along with snackies.

The cafeteria, like many school cafs, can be hit or miss, so some nights just staying in the dorm cooking up a frozen pizza is better than what they are serving. Though, make sure that you eat (somewhat) properly; the freshman 15 are not a myth, and sadly it can be even more.


I have made the mistake of missing classes as I adjusted to having responsibility, and I have also missed weeks of class due to illness. Stay healthy and go to class. Your bed will be there when you get back.

8. Your friends this year may not be friends next year.

There is nothing wrong with it. Enjoy your time together, even if you aren't as close as you are this year, you'll still have the memories to look back on.

9. Don't worry about dating so much.

If you come into college in a relationship or single as a pringle (that phrase has never made sense for there are many pringles in a can but that is of little importance) or in a relationship, let the pringle chips fall where they may. It's the time to date yourself first.

10. Work hard.

It's tough. If a professor says read the chapter, it's beneficial to you to do so even though it is so so boring. College in the sense of workload is NOTHING like high school. It will take some time to get used to but you can totally do it!


THEY ARE SAVAGE, DO NOT IRRITATE THEM. Don't make eye contact, don't think about them, they sense the fear. Also, don't touch them unless you want a fine.

12. Talk with professors!

They've been in your shoes. They are there to help you succeed. There is absolutely no shame in talking to them about a concept that you don't quite understand. They will work with you until you understand what is foggy and beyond.

13. Don't forget an iron.

I never thought I'd need one either.

14. You don't have to know what you want to do.

That's the one great thing about Doane -- unless you are really interested in the very few programs that require you to declare the second you step on campus, you have a whole year and a half to work on gen-eds along with testing out different subjects to see what you really want to pursue.

15. Remember how you looked back at photos from seventh grade as a high school senior and cringed? That will happen again, I'm sorry to say.

You change so much, and your first year of college will teach you a ton about who you are going to become. Don't worry, friends at Doane have a habit of liking photos from years ago, just to keep you humble and to have a few laughs.

16. If you want to go Greek - check out all the groups.

Really check them all out. Each one is unique in it's own way and you won't know what one fits you best if you just zone in on one. Also, if you hear rumors about Greek week, don't assume they're true. On top of that, if you don't want to go Greek, there's nothing wrong with that!

17. Only bring as much stuff as you're willing to move in and out.

By the end of the spring semester you will not want to spend all of your time figuring out how to get window clings that have MELTED on the windows off of them. Plus there aren't elevators, hello stairs!

18. College is like starting over.

It's starting over in many ways, new patterns, new people, and it can even be a new (and better) you! Want to leave something in your past? Now's your chance. Make sure it's not still on the interwebs if you're making a new image for yourself.

19. It's okay to make mistakes.

Some will be grades, some will be outfit choices, and some may even have names. It's part of the experience. Ya live, ya learn, and ya move on.

20. Call your family.

They miss you just like you miss them. Give them a ring once in awhile to let them know how you're doing and tell them all the exciting things you're doing and learning. A text works too, but let them hear your voice every so often.

Sidenote: If you do decide to partake in illegal activities *cough* drinking *cough* please be careful, safe, and responsible.

If you have ANY questions, concerns or comments, don't hesitate to ask ANYONE on campus; we're like family after all.

Another tid-bit before we turn ya loose: if you are given a campus phone number but it's only four digits the first three are 826.


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